Full-service blog marketing for car dealers

by · October 19, 2007

Automotive MarketingThe highest priority for auto dealers of course is to sell and service vehicles. This requires personnel to handle things such as managing and qualifying leads, closing deals, upgrading finance packages, delivering vehicles, maintaining an effective CRM process, and running a service department. All things that are typically done in-house with trained personnel.

But some functions, such as blog marketing, can and should be farmed out to expert professionals.

Since automotive blog marketing is in its infancy, dealers should be outsourcing this part of their business so they can reap the benefits of blog marketing without being required to train, educate, and manage personnel on this complex form of search marketing. Blog marketing requires time and expertise that is a distraction for dealership personnel. The industry knowledge has not yet accumulated and the tools for automotive blogging have not matured yet to make this a feasible internal business function inside the dealership.

With a full-service blog marketing service dealers are able to select a handful of search markets that they can orient their marketing strategy which in time achieves stand-out results with a fixed budget. The residual impact of organic search marketing makes this calculated approach a good investment too. Once the strategy is defined and implemented, the effort is put on auto pilot and the blog marketing provider can oversee it on a daily basis, producing periodic reports for the dealership to analyze and make necessary adjustments.



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  1. 1st Pencil says:

    Car dealers must took a careful steps in using blogsites to sell their product. Although, it is a practical way, if not properly used, then you company might suffer consequences.