LotLinx drives deep-funnel auto shoppers directly to your VDPs

by · March 11, 2015

Sponsored ContentThe number one car shopping activity, believe it or not, is searching through inventory and the vast majority of consumers, believe it or not, are doing their pre-purchase research online…to the tune of 84 distinct car searches during a 45 day sales process.

LotLinx VDP Advertising


This is not new information.

What is new, however, is the process of learning and tracking exactly what those 84 car searches consist of and how to best reach those low-funnel visitors ready to buy.

Using the latest in Deeplinking ™ technology, a term coined by LotLinx, the company is able to track the digital signals of VINtenders, another term coined by LotLinx suggesting digital consumers ready to buy, and serve up the vehicle information that best matches their research criteria from the dealership’s own Vehicle Details Page (VDP).

Does it work for conversion?

You bet it does!

Based on information published in January 2014 by PCG Consulting, LotLinx dealers shifted 11% of their SEM spend to LotLinx – an average of $1,933 per month:

  • They reduced their cost per shopper from an average of $23.70 with Adwords, to $3.99 with LotLinx
  • They reduced their cost per VDP view from an average of $18.55 with Adwords to $3.17 with LotLinx
  • The increased their Time on Site from an average of 1:96 with Adwords to 4:16 with LotLinx
  • LotLinx delivered 94% new visitors – nearly 20% better than Adwords.

In a study conducted in 2013 by Cobalt called, 9 Million Reasons Why VDP Views are the Metric that Matters, it clearly shows that vehicles that have more Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) views sell faster.

If you want to sell more cars then you need to get your vehicle detail pages in front of as many Internet auto shoppers as possible.

How does LotLinx make a difference?

Find out with these case studies that reveal just how LotLinx is impacting website traffic and sales for four different dealers.  

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