The Immediacy of Mobile in Auto Retail

by · May 27, 2016


SponsoredTired of hearing about mobile? Well you may want to get over it. According to the latest statistics, mobile search volumes have officially surpassed desktop searches. Mobile is snowballing at an unprecedented rate, so much so that mobile usage statistics are increasing in almost real-time.

Consequently, Google recently eliminated sidebar ads for desktop view, and Facebook is following suit.

The Mobile Tipping Point

If there is one theme we should give to mobile marketing in automotive it would be – Immediacy. As the largest subcategory of retail, we need to find a way to get back in the driver’s seat of the mobile disruption. We cannot let other verticals trump our user experiences and outperform auto retail mobile campaigns.

Don’t think you’re in the game because you have a responsive website. A responsive website is essential at this point, but a responsive site alone does not ensure a seamless, swipe-oriented, visually compelling, easy and fast interaction. As an auto retailer you must think of the shopper experience almost entirely from the smartphone perspective, with laptop/desktop considerations.

So what can dealers do to avoid mobile mayhem? Afterall, “Mobilegeddon” was literally only about a year ago.

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At the end of the day, great marketing is really about one thing; and that’s relating to people. With all the information, analytics, and tools available to us, we’ve perhaps created an overly complicated, multi-faceted, omnichannel approach trying to relate to people.

The evolution of mobile is much more simplistic than that. It’s about connecting with people on another level (that happens to be in their pocket, purse, or in their hands roughly 99% of the time).

Here are three ways to own mobile and avoid the problems that other marketers have faced.

1. Ensure access to accurate, real-time attribution reporting. The ultimate goal (ideally) for dealers and OEMs is to attribute every sale and every showroom visit to a single campaign. While 100% attribution is not practical, the effectiveness of our marketing is something we can and should be striving to understand.

2. Eliminate Extra Steps. If a customer gets stuck in the process of engaging with your dealership, they will move on faster than you can say “Ferrari.” Always put both speed and simplicity into play when it comes to increasing conversion on mobile. Focus on one goal, one call to action, and one destination – your dealership.

3. Zero-In on Buyers. Ninety percent of consumers leave their location services enabled. In addition, 61% of smartphone users are more likely to buy from mobile sites and apps that customize information to their location. Your dealership can take advantage of built-in GPS systems. Through location and behavioral targeting, we can build a consumer profile that offers great insight into who is in-market and ready to make a purchase, and who is still in the research phase of buying a car.

Mobile has truly hit its tipping point. Try not to blink, because before you know it, over 90% of showroom traffic will be attributable to a mobile device. So rather than being reactive, you better be there, and be ready.

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Free eBook – Auto Dealers and the State of Mobile Marketing 2016

Mobile customers expect to receive personalized messages and customized offers at the exact moment they’re in your neighborhood shopping for their next car. Give them what they want, when they want it and those customers will be yours.

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