Twitter Rolls Out Self-Serve Advertising Platform for Small Businesses

by · March 28, 2012

This week, Twitter is rolling out a new self-serve advertising platform for up to 10,000 American Express Small Business Cardmembers. The program will allow business owners to fund sponsored Tweets, similar to how Pay-Per-Click advertising on Google works.

Some have suggested this might be a good opportunity for auto dealers, however I am not convinced that Twitter is a place worth spending time for auto dealers.

Twitter in an of itself offers limited advertising potential, limited primarily to big mainstream brands, primarily celebrities. The only players in the automotive space I can see benefiting from Twitter advertising would be the OEMs and the big third-party classified sites such as, Edmunds, etc.

For auto dealers, the goal is almost always incremental sales and so the ads you would have to run would be the Twitter equivalent to your car commercials advertising how you are the best in customer service and that you offer the best prices that nobody can beat, all bunched into a 140 character Tweet. Studies show that when it comes to social media, solicitous advertising does not deliver.

So what will work for sponsored Tweets? Who knows? Does anybody even see what people Tweet? Unless somebody specifically mentions you in a Tweet, the bulk of Tweets published go unnoticed. Sponsoring a Tweet won’t change that.

If you are inclined to give it a whirl for your dealership, mosey on over to this post by PCG Marketing for a visual how-to guide for getting set up with the program. And if you do, let us know how its working for your dealership by posting your comments here.



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  1. Very interesting, looking forward to seeing how effective the introduction of these ads is going to be hopefully we see some dealer success stories.

    Personally I’m not sure which advert I would be more likely to click on. Facebook or Twitter?

  2. We’re using AmeroBiz to advertise one of our automotive clients, and although is not a niche advertising platform, it has been working great for our client.