5 Steps to Selling Parts Online

VIDEO: 5-Step Roadmap to Selling OEM Parts Online at Your Dealership

by · December 12, 2017

Selling OEM parts and accessories online at your dealership can be a terrific revenue stream that can lead not only to more customers and better recognition, but also an increase in profitability.

In this brief video, you get a glimpse at how we break down a roadmap your team can follow to launch a profitable online parts business for your dealership.

Talking points include…

  • Industry trends of the nearly $9B auto parts business
  • Pros and cons for each online selling channel, e.g. eBay Motors & Amazon WebStore
  • Strategies and best practices for boosting parts sale

If you want to grow a new revenue channel with e-commerce but aren’t sure how to get started, this video is for you.