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VIDEO: Guide to Video Marketing for Auto Dealers – Interview with Tim James

by · March 2, 2018

Dealers are doing a lot of great things these days with video. From customer testimonial videos to personalized walk around videos and vehicle inventory videos, there is no doubt that videos play a vital role with your dealership marketing, and dealers understand this.

What’s missing however for many dealers is a wholly integrated video marketing strategy, where you have access to data and analytics that you can act on to create a more personalized customer experience. A strategy where dealers can not only create personalized videos, but also deliver them in a personalized way, with branding elements, and conversion capabilities that integrate with your CRM.

In my conversation here with Tim James, COO of Flick Fusion, you will hear Tim explain how the proper use of video can give dealers the ability to increase the informational value and the emotional value, and then utilize that data to enhance that experience even more, by making sure you are getting the right message at the right time to the right customer.

Debunking the YouTube SEO Myth

One key aspect of our conversation is where Tim addresses the myth that YouTube provides the best SEO value for your videos. Tim explains that this simply isn’t true, and in fact most video marketing solutions have the ability to offer even greater SEO value.

Sure your YouTube videos will appear in search results, but when people click on those search results they wind up on YouTube. Wouldn’t it be better to have those people on your dealership website instead?

Check out the interview to see how Tim explains how dealers can better capitalize on on their video marketing strategy. Tim understands why people buy cars. It’s an emotional experience and he’s been preaching this for years.