Foamy Antifreeze? What Does It Mean?

Foamy Antifreeze

Why is my antifreeze foamy? What could be the reason behind foamy antifreeze? Can it be harmful to my car? How can I stop my coolant from foaming? Answers to all this and more, coming up! White foaming in the coolant or the antifreeze can mean that your gasket is about to start when the … Read more

Gun scrubber Vs. Brake Cleaner

Gun scrubber vs. brake cleaner: what shall I use to clean my gun? Are both the chemicals same, and if not, what is the difference? Let us find out the answers to all these questions below. People who own a gun are very likely to hold a Gun scrubber. A Gun scrubber is effective in … Read more

How To Use Brake Cleaner Without Removing Tire? 

It’s important to maintain your brakes because they keep you safe. But if you don’t have the time, how to use brake cleaner without removing tire? This article will give you answer to this and many more questions Maintaining vehicles is a not-so-easy task, and it goes beyond keeping the vehicle sparkly clean on the … Read more

Will Antifreeze Melt Ice?

Antifreeze is like a miracle liquid that unclogs your car’s system when it’s completely frozen up. But will antifreeze melt ice if I pour it directly on the road or anywhere else? Let us find out! Paying attention to your engine’s pipes and systems is important. It becomes even more imperative during and immediately after … Read more

Motor Oil In Eye? What To Do?

Accidents can happen anytime and to anyone. If you, unfortunately, get motor oil in eye, this article will help you understand the risks and what you need to do.   If you are working under your vehicle and the oil from the engine leaks, it is a possibility that the oil can fall into your … Read more

Steering Wheel Hard To Turn When Cold

Why is my steering wheel hard to turn when cold sets in during the winter months? In most cases, the answer is that the power steering fluid has frozen over or become thicker, which is making it difficult for you to turn the wheel. But if this isn’t the case, read on for more causes. … Read more

Vibration In Steering Wheel When Turning Right

Vibration In Steering Wheel When Turning Right

Steering wheel is the connection of the driver to the car’s health. For example, vibration in steering wheel when turning right is usually an issue in the wheels or the suspension system. Find out more below. What can be more annoying than a constantly vibrating steering wheel when taking a turn?  Sometimes it is even … Read more

Brake Cleaner On Aluminum – Is It Ok

Brake Cleaner On Aluminum - Is It Ok

Can I apply brake cleaner on aluminum – is it ok? Will my brake cleaner eat up aluminum parts of my car? What are the weird white spots that I am seeing when I apply brake cleaner on aluminum parts? Answers to all these questions are below! Brake cleaners should clean aluminum surfaces without damaging … Read more