Best All Season Tires

The best set all-season tires will help you handle any slick surface. They better equip your car to take on heavy downpours, puddles, or a thin sheet of snow or ice.  Without them, your vehicle may end up hydroplaning into a wall, ditch, or another car much more easily.  If you live somewhere particularly rainy … Read more

Best Car Cleaning Kits

The convenience of car cleaning kits is too good to pass up sometimes. When you’re not sure what you’ll need to fully detail and clean your car, these kits have thrown it all in one convenient package so you don’t have to pick and choose. We’ve gone through some of the biggest and best cleaning … Read more

Best Oil Filters

Many car manufacturers recommend getting a new oil filter every time you change your oil. This can be anywhere from 3,000 to over 15,000 miles.  That’s a lot of miles, so it makes sense to get the best oil filter possible. The problem is, not all oil filters are created equal… some will do a … Read more

What Does 7 J Mean On A Wheel?

What Does 7 J Mean On A Wheel

The letters and alphabets written on the wheel may confuse most car owners. For example, what does 7 J mean on a wheel? Let’s find out the answers to all such queries in the article below. Your car’s wheels work hard every time you move on the road because it is the only component that … Read more

How Fast Can You Drive In 4 High

How Fast Can You Drive In 4 High

Are you a new 4×4 driver, still learning the ropes? Wondering how fast can you drive in 4 high? This guide will help you understand all that you need to know about speed limits on a 4×4. Driving fast on your 4×4 SUV sounds exciting and thrilling, but understanding the top speed at which you … Read more

What Causes Wheel Studs to Break Off

What Causes Wheel Studs to Break Off

Wheel studs keep the wheel and disc brake assembly aligned. Breakage of wheel studs can be quite serious. Let’s find out what causes wheel studs to break off and what you can do about it in the article below. The primary purpose of wheel studs is to secure the tires and the wheel in your … Read more

How Long Can I Drive With A Bad Carrier Bearing

How Long Can I Drive With A Bad Carrier Bearing

How long can I drive with a bad carrier bearing? With a bad carrier bearing, your vehicle may not perform well. You need to fix the issue before driving your vehicle. Read on to know more. A carrier bearing is one of the essential parts of a driveshaft. This is because all the other parts … Read more

What Does OWL Mean On Tires?

What Does Owl Mean On Tires

What does OWL mean on tires? The OWL stands for outlined white letters in the tires. The white letters get highlighted, and it enhances the tire’s overall look as well. Read on to know more. If you look at your vehicle’s tire carefully, you will see a lot of numbers and codes on the tire’s … Read more

What Kind Of Paint To Use On Tires?

What Kind Of Paint To Use On Tires

There are a lot of paints available in the market, but every paint is not suitable for tires. To know what kind of paint to use on tires, read on. Tires are the most integral part of the car, and when they get dirty, they become the most highlighted part. The older the tires get, … Read more