Sawdust In The Transmission: Does It Work?

Sawdust In The Transmission

Adding sawdust in the transmission to make it work smoother is an old trick that was quite common back in the day, but did it really help? Let’s find out. When you are sending your car to a repair shop with a transmission problem, you may have heard that some (unscrupulous ones?) might use sawdust … Read more

Starter Fuse Keeps Blowing: 7 Reasons and Solutions

Starter Fuse Keeps Blowing

What should you do if your starter fuse keeps blowing? We discuss this problem below and provide some solutions. The engine starts running when you push the start button on your car. But sometimes you hear a clicking sound and your car doesn’t start. There may be issues with the starter fuse. It is pretty … Read more

4.8 Vs 5.3 Pistons: Which Ones Are Better?

4.8 Vs 5.3 Pistons

If you are looking for a comparison between 4.8 vs 5.3 pistons, look no further. This article has all the necessary comparisons and details for you. 4.8L provides less power but is cheaper and consumes less fuel. On the other hand, a 5.3 offers more power and consumes lesser energy, but it is. Suppose you … Read more