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11 Mar

LotLinx drives deep-funnel auto shoppers directly to your VDPs

by Adam

The number one car shopping activity, believe it or not, is searching through inventory and the vast majority of consumers, believe it or not, are doing their pre-purchase research online…to the tune of 84 distinct car searches during a 45 day sales process.   This is not new information. What is new, however, is the Read More…

28 Feb

How to Set Up a Google AdWords Call-Only Campaign for Your Dealership

by Ryan G

Did you know that about¬†70% of people doing mobile searches call a business directly from the search results? This is not surprising considering¬†that typically we are on the go, phone in hand, and in need of immediate attention or information. Pressing that handy call button on your screen is the quickest way to achieve all Read More…

28 Sep

Search Engine Traffic Quality vs. Quantity Dataium+Cars.com Study

by Ryan G

Rethinking Online Media Attribution Data Mining Suggests Ad Spending is Misdirected A recent Dataium study commissioned by Cars.com suggests that dealers may be misinterpreting the value or even usage of search engines by consumers and that paid SEM’s potential for influencing sales appears to be overstated. Key stats from the study: Traffic to dealership site Read More…