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09 Dec

Look for mobile to break the plane in 2012

by Ryan G

One of the most significant trends occurring right now, not just in the auto industry but across many industries around the globe is the widespread shift towards mobile computing, and in particular shopping via mobile. You can see it in the data when you do your research. You hear it at conferences you attend. You Read More…

24 Mar

Dealer.com Introduces Breakthrough Software for Car Dealers with Social Relationship Management Tool

by Ryan G

Earlier this week Dealer.com held a webinar to introduce its new Social Relationship Manager tool, or SRM. I did not attend but I did spend some time on an in-depth review of it by Brian Pasch, who has a knack for breaking things like this down in to its components. I don’t know how much Read More…

22 Sep

AutoConverse.com offers dealers a place to promote specials and cultivate high-quality customers

by Ryan G

We have been a bit quiet on here lately, but that is likely to change with the release of our new system AutoConverse.com. A press release went out today describing the new system, which you will see is rich in features and offers something not only for car dealers but also for auto shoppers. The Read More…

07 Apr

Car dealers and manufacturers compete for online ad space

by Adam

The days of seeing your local car dealer ads on TV are not going away, but dealer prominence in online advertising is now reaching unprecedented heights, giving car manufactures a new (but good) challenge. A recent report indicates that car manufacturers are finding competition for their ad slots, and that the competition is coming from Read More…