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10 May

Build Trust and Amaze Millennials with Personalized Video Email

by sponsoredcontent

Don’t think Millennials are a big enough customer segment to worry about? Think again. According to a recent DrivingSales study, Millennials are now accounting for 27% of new car sales. “The buying power of this younger market represents a significant growing opportunity for dealerships, the report states. Who Are Millennials? Why Do They Matter? According Read More…

04 Jun

The trickle effect in new and used car sales

by dragonfly

Arianne Walker in Online Automotive Review iterated: Even though OEMs and dealers have been shifting their marketing budgets online, the data shows that most should probably be accelerating that transition, putting even more money where shoppers – new and used alike – are increasingly going. These trends are consistent with the recent Cobalt-Polk-Yahoo! study on Read More…