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20 May

AC Webinar Series – Part II – Branding Players in Vidego

by tdaviero

AutoConversion is hosting the second FREE webinar of the three-part AC Video Webinar Series on Wednesday, May 27 at 11:30 a.m. This ‘how to’ series teaches you about the ACVideo Service, powered by Vidego, and how we integrate it with WordPress. ACVideo explores the issue of streaming video, and the ease in which you can Read More…

06 May

“Generation Internet” Bootcamp with Kain Automotive

by tdaviero

If you want to learn how to effectively build an Internet campaign for your dealership, we have found a ‘bootcamp-style’ conference that you may want to attend! David Kain is president of KainAutomotive.com, and he provides internet sales and business development solutions to dealers in the automotive industry. He has put together this intensive Internet Read More…

11 Apr

Free Webinar Series for AC Video

by tdaviero

Have you implemented video in your online marketing strategy yet? Video is fast becoming one of the preferred methods of posting content to the web. Video allows customers to see your face and make an emotional connection before ever stepping foot in your dealership. If you’re already using video, or thinking about how video can Read More…

01 May

Can Social Media Make You Car Salesperson of the Year?

by Adam

“So what do you do for a living?” How often have we all heard that question come out of someone’s mouth? Usually uttered at cocktail parties where few people know each other, this question establishes a framework for the relationships we have with everyone around us. When we find out what people do for a Read More…

21 Apr

Car buyers demand competitive pricing and dealer transparency

by Adam

If you ask customers what they want from the companies from whom they buy, you probably won’t be surprised by their responses. Studies show that Customers primarily want two things: Competitive pricing, and Auto Dealers to be transparent with information in a timely and professional manner According to a recent study by Cobalt, Yahoo!, and Read More…

14 Apr

Auto dealers embracing innovation with Web Marketing 2.0

by Adam

For decades, our car-buying decisions have been based primarily on what our friends tell us, what we read in consumer reports, and the advertising in radio and in television. But the buying world is changing across the board, virtualizing and socializing, and progressive dealerships are getting in to the action. A new survey by The Read More…

07 Apr

Car dealers and manufacturers compete for online ad space

by Adam

The days of seeing your local car dealer ads on TV are not going away, but dealer prominence in online advertising is now reaching unprecedented heights, giving car manufactures a new (but good) challenge. A recent report indicates that car manufacturers are finding competition for their ad slots, and that the competition is coming from Read More…