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22 May

How does the Autobytel Acquisition of Dealix affect Your Dealership?

by Ryan G

With Autobytel‚Äôs announcement yesterday acquiring Dealix from CDK, of course we must rewind back to fewer than 18 months ago when ABTL acquired AutoUSA. Two important questions come to mind for me: How does this follow-up acquisition set the stage for the future of 3rd party lead generation? More importantly how do these acquisitions affect Read More…

08 Apr

Adding a mobile component to your lead generation process

by Ryan G

Hey folks. This week’s webinar for AC Mobile was not advertised because we are doing something that is product-specific, thus it is not open to the public. We are recording it so once we have completed the edited version then we will be releasing a public version that will be used primarily for demonstration purposes. Read More…