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10 Jun

What Your Dealership Looks Like from a Shopper’s Perspective

by Ryan G

How much traffic does your dealership website see every day? Hundreds of visitors? Maybe thousands? This is great, but how much potential traffic is NOT reaching your website, and why? And how valuable are these “lost” potential customers? The majority of people that reach your website are closing in on that Zero Moment of Truth, so the reality Read More…

30 Jun

Customer Loyalty is More than Just Customer Satisfaction

by Ryan G

Peter Drucker was once quoted as saying, “Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless.” This could not be more true than for a dealership. Two things come to mind when I consider this quote from an auto dealer perspective. Online Reputation Loyal Revenue-Driving Customers With regard to online reputation, most people think of this as Read More…

29 Jun

Reputation Management? You Have it All Wrong!

by Ryan G

Did you know that your dealership’s reputation online has a direct impact on your website traffic? In fact, according to research performed recently by 3 Birds Marketing, dealers that improved their online reputation the most saw on average a 42% increase in their website traffic whereas dealers that made little to no improvements saw on Read More…