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20 Mar

Get a CAT Scan of Your Dealership at Internet Sales 20 Group in Atlantic City

by Ryan G

A typical “20 Group” is structured for Dealer Principals and General Managers to meet and discuss ideas and techniques for success. Most 20 Groups are brand specific to a manufacturer or franchise. Dealers from the same OEMs get together and compare numbers, discuss incentives and MPA’s to discover where the dealer ranks among others in Read More…

20 Nov

The Truth About Yelp Reviews and Advertising

by Ryan G

Last month while at Sean Bradley’s Internet Sales 20 Group in Los Angeles, a debate arose around the idea of Yelp cornering dealers into purchasing Enhanced Listings and/or advertising in order to unlock positive reviews on their review pages. As one who has personally investigated this subject with Yelp directly and, I couldn’t help but Read More…