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09 Nov

Authenticom Set to Lay Off 55 Employees Due to Antitrust Battle with CDK

by Ryan G

Upon hearing news just now that Authenticom has informed 55 employees that they will be laid off effective Feb. 2 because of the company’s prolonged antitrust battle with two larger companies, I have to say this is a sad day for our corner of the industry, not only for the workers affected, but also the Read More…

12 Jul

Authenticom Wins Court Injunction Against CDK – Full Story

by Ryan G

Information is power – it’s a truism we all know. But in the 21st Century, access to information is where the real power lies. This point has been illustrated with crystal clarity in the recent CDK / Reynolds & Reynolds lawsuit brought by Authenticom. The public fight between these companies is finally getting its day Read More…

23 Feb

Beepi sold for parts, ELEAD1ONE Hack?, Cars.com Expands Pricing Tools

by Ryan G

The Data Breach That Wasn’t: What Really Happened Between ELEAD1ONE and Reynolds (The Banks Report) The industry had a scare last Thursday when it appeared that a large data breach occurred involving several dealer management system (DMS) providers and dealer groups. What actually happened was much more benign, and involved none of the DMS vendors. Read More…