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18 Aug

How to Build Trust and Credibility with Customers Through Texting

by Nathan Anderson

Everyone has expectations on how a text conversation should work. There are distinct differences in how we communicate via text among friends and family, colleagues and co-workers, and businesses and customers. For dealerships specifically, text (or SMS) communications between customers, employees, and departments is wrought with difficulty.   Intuitively we know that text messages should Read More…

19 Oct

Ideas for Enhancing Your Used Vehicle Acquisition Strategy

by Ryan G

When it comes to stocking used vehicles at your dealership, dealers today have multiple options. But one option seems to be underutilized by a majority of dealers – acquiring vehicles from private sellers. After reading an article recently in Automotive News about Sam Swope’s Buy Center* in Kentucky aiming to buy virtually every private-party used Read More…

09 Dec

Look for mobile to break the plane in 2012

by Ryan G

One of the most significant trends occurring right now, not just in the auto industry but across many industries around the globe is the widespread shift towards mobile computing, and in particular shopping via mobile. You can see it in the data when you do your research. You hear it at conferences you attend. You Read More…