Why Do Dually Front Wheels Stick Out? 5 Benefits Of This Configuration Of Front Wheels

Why Do Dually Front Wheels Stick Out

Why do Dually front wheels stick out of the car? What is the benefit of this configuration of wheels? Learn all about it here. Nowadays, almost every manufactured car, truck, or bus has dual front wheels pre-installed in them in a stick-out pattern. Among other vehicles, primarily trucks, buses, modified cars have the facility of … Read more

Where To Store Winter Tires Apartment

Where To Store Winter Tires Apartment

Where to store Winter Tires apartment? You can store winter tires in a cool and climate control environment. Read on to know more about how to store your winter tires. A car is a valuable asset for anyone. You spend thousands of dollars on maintaining your vehicle every year. Adverse driving conditions in cold weather … Read more

Where are Hi Run Tires Made?

Where are Hi Run Tires Made

Where are Hi Run tires made? Are they an American brand? Let’s find out. Maintaining your vehicle is the most important thing to make it long-lasting. It is sure that if your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road, it will be a mess for you. For example, if you are on a … Read more

Why Do Race Cars Have Wide Tires

Why Do Race Cars Have Wide Tires

Are you into GP? Have you ever wondered why do race cars have wide tires instead of the thin tires that normal cars have? This article will answer all your doubts. The most crucial part of racing cars is their tires. It determines a lot while on the track. Thus it is quite different from … Read more

Why Do Tire Shops Over Inflate Tires?

Have you noticed the difference when you inflate tires yourself vs when a tire shop does it? Why do tire shops over inflate tires? Let’s see the reasons. Does your tire get damaged too quickly? Did you know that your tire pressure reduces by one PSI every month? Yes, it is true, thus you must … Read more

Why Do Mercedes Have Different Size Tires

Most people find it odd to have tires of different sizes on the same car, but Mercedes cars are an exception. So why do Mercedes have different size tires? Let’s find out Many drivers consider the sizes of their wheels and tires primarily for aesthetic reasons. However, wheel size and the size of the tires … Read more

Why Is My Front Tire Leaning In

Why Is My Front Tire Leaning In

Misalignment of tires can be dangerous while driving. Let’s find out why is my front tire leaning in on this write-up. I know tires play an essential role while driving my car. But one day, I noticed that my front tires were leaning inward. I looked thoroughly but could not find anything bent or broken … Read more

Rear Wheel Locks Up When Turning

Rear wheel locks up when turning? This is primarily due to the brake shoe contamination or some other mechanical problems. Read on to know more. Many times you will find the rear wheels getting locked when turning. The most common cause for this is some mechanical issues associated with rear brakes. It may have problems … Read more