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28 Mar

Twitter Rolls Out Self-Serve Advertising Platform for Small Businesses

by Ryan G

This week, Twitter is rolling out a new self-serve advertising platform for up to 10,000 American Express Small Business Cardmembers. The program will allow business owners to fund sponsored Tweets, similar to how Pay-Per-Click advertising on Google works. Some have suggested this might be a good opportunity for auto dealers, however I am not convinced Read More…

02 Nov

Paper.li makes it easier for automotive bloggers to create online magazines

by Ryan G

You may have noticed that some of the power-bloggers you follow are coming out with dailies. This is due to a new site called Paper.li. A few examples I can cite include, The Eric Miltsch Daily, The Automotive SEO Daily, The Automotive Social Media Daily. Paper.li can be described as a tool that gives individuals Read More…

22 Sep

AutoConverse.com offers dealers a place to promote specials and cultivate high-quality customers

by Ryan G

We have been a bit quiet on here lately, but that is likely to change with the release of our new system AutoConverse.com. A press release went out today describing the new system, which you will see is rich in features and offers something not only for car dealers but also for auto shoppers. The Read More…

30 Mar

How automotive digital marketing professionals can benefit from TweetDeck

by Ryan G

Twitter is a great tool for reaching customers and prospects, building relationships with folks, educating your followers on your business values, products, and services, and ultimately for driving sales. If you have been using Twitter then you know that success is directly impacted by the amount of time you spend using the tool. Fortunately there Read More…