Dataium Releases New Automotive Attribution Reporting Suite

by · October 19, 2012

New suite offers unprecedented visibility into the path to purchase of auto buyers, including unbroken channel attribution and keyword usage.

Dataium announced recently the release of its new suite of automotive channel attribution reports. The new suite offers the most comprehensive and definitive attribution reporting resource available to date. Taking advantage of Dataium’s Cloud Intelligence® platform, which collects behavior on over 20 million auto shoppers each month, the new channel attribution reporting delivers critical insights into digital media usage and online behavior of consumers during their path to purchase.

The reporting suite includes:

Path to Purchase Report: A complete timeline of consumer media, channel, and keyword usage on over 200 million consumers collected during the past two years. The report provides full visibility into where, when, and how consumers make their vehicle purchase decision. The reporting integrates client’s sales records to align consumer online and offline behavior with their respective purchases by make, model, and market.

Channel Attribution Report: The report offers online media profiles and comparatives of thousands of digital media outlets, and highlights those that deliver the best conversion and the greater penetration of the auto-buying audience by specific make, model, stage, or market. For example: users submit leads to local dealerships at a rate four times greater than Facebook users.

Advertising Effectiveness Dashboard: The dashboard provides full analysis of automotive direct traffic channels and the effectiveness for delivering the right auto shoppers to your site. The dashboard allows you to compare your digital advertising channels to top performing channels within your market. Additionally, the dashboard allows you to find the top lead generating search keywords by search engine.

Audience Profiler: The profiler measures and maximizes your digital audience by providing full visibility into the competitive cross shopping of your online traffic, unbroken keyword usage, content consumption, in addition to the direct and indirect traffic (unbroken attribution) sources.

Campaign Profiler: The dashboard presents details on how online and offline marketing campaigns, including email, direct mail, broadcast and live events, are informing and changing auto shopper behavior. The report also provides details on the competitive cross shopping of these targeted consumers and identifies the targets that are closest to a purchase decision by brand, model, market, and more.

“As the industry’s definitive online consumer data source, collecting from over 10,000 automotive websites, the level of research and reporting we can provide on the consumer’s path to purchase is truly unprecedented,” stated Eric Brown, Dataium CEO. He added, “We are truly excited to bring to the media, advertising, and auto industry segments this critical insight which has been missing from the single largest advertising category.”

Dataium’s automotive attribution reporting suite has been developed with the partnership of leading auto manufacturers, marketers, and dealership groups in order to create an extremely useful, relevant, and compelling reporting tool. Each report includes contextual KPIs that provides context to performance metrics relative to local, national, and brand performance benchmarks.

To learn more about the channel attribution reporting suite, visit the Dataium website.