Dataium Joins Polk with IHS Automotive Acquisition

by · March 28, 2015

IHS Automotive Acquires Dataium

What does the acquisition of Datium by IHS Automotive mean for Automotive Online Retail?

Dataium has long been one of my favorite companies. I have written about or referenced Dataium here on this blog more than half a dozen times. To hear news of the company’s acquisition last week by IHS Automotive is of personal interest to me.

When I was first introduced to the company back in 2011 while working with HookLogic, we were partnering with Dataium to integrate data-driven intelligence into the Lead-to-Show product.

The idea was that by cross-referencing with Polk data were able to better understand the shoppers coming into dealer pipelines and automatically trigger incentives to be sent to folks based on specific criteria. I often wondered by Polk and Dataium didn’t work together on things more. Maybe they did?

This is just one of numerous ways in which Dataium can be utilized for automotive online retail.

Every month, Dataium observes more than 20 million automotive shoppers across automotive websites and then aggregates, indexes and summarizes this data into key and unique market analytics. This aggregated data can predict future sales, optimize automotive audience segments, measure campaign, advertising and website performance, and perform additional comparative analysis that helps its clients grow sales, lower costs and retain customers.

Dataium is essentially like a utility company, providing analytics from which marketing and technology providers can draw intelligence to make smarter business decisions.

With Dataium’s assets now owned by IHS Automotive, which of course acquired Polk in 2013, the stage is set for a new era of intelligence about auto shoppers where transactional insights meets demonstrated behavioral insights with expressed.

As one who stands firm behind the practice of marketing to identifiable auto shoppers,  something both Polk and Dataium help achieve, this acquisition is as Jim “The Alpha Dawg” Ziegler would say is, “right on point!”

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