Social Media for Car Dealers

VIDEO: How to Leverage Organic Social Media Content for Your Dealership…Efficiently

by · March 15, 2018

When it comes to social media content for your dealership, you need a balanced mix of information that represents you well, creates appeal, and that helps to sell more cars. But with so little traction in organic content, is it even worth the effort?

In this video, which was recorded in February 2018 with AutoLeadStar CEO Aharon Horwitz, we discuss how a dealership’s social media strategy must adapt to the reality that organic social media content, which has limited value, must still be incorporated into your overall content marketing strategy, and work in tandem with your paid media advertising strategy, but without taking up valuable time and resources from the dealership.

The key takeaways in this video include:

  • What is the value of organic content?
  • What type of content should you be producing, and how much?
  • How much time and effort should be invested into organic content?

Cool Tech Tip – Full Recording!

For access to the completed ‘edited’ version of this webinar, where you will also get a preview of AutoLeadStar’s newest product SocialAI (mentioned in this video) that was designed to save your staff hours of time in managing your dealership’s social media feeds, go here.