Personalizing the Customer Experience with Walkaround Videos

by · November 26, 2012


Imagine you are on the phone with a potential customer interested in one of your vehicles but she won’t be able to come by the dealership to look at it for another few days or so. You don’t want to risk losing the customer and you are confident that if she sees the vehicle she won’t want to look at more vehicles at other dealerships.

Or maybe you work in the service department and you would like a better way of showing people the work that needs to be performed on their vehicle. You know that if you can give people a visual of the problem they will be more inclined to have the work performed.

With Walkaround Videos you can do these things plus just about anything else you can imagine where a custom personalized video would impress the customer and make him or her want to do business with you and your dealership.

The idea behind Authntk’s cloud-based video solution is to give you the ability to easily make custom personalized video postcards for customers and potential customers and not have to worry about things like uploading and downloading and email or mass communications do not suffice.

With Walkaround Videos you can record videos on the fly using your desktop computer, your laptop, a tablet device, even using your smartphone. You can also upload prerecorded videos.

You can create multiple campaigns and assign users and videos to them. Each video is sent with its own Personal URL that displays your picture, contact info, social links, and the custom video.

Here are some examples of Walkaround Videos being used by other dealers:

An Authntk Interview

Earlier this week I had a chance to sit down with Authntk Founder & CEO Len Ostroff. We talked a lot about the advantages of using a tool like this as opposed to YouTube which has some similar features as Walkaround Videos but not entirely.

During the interview Len also cites a couple terrific success stories that demonstrate the impact Walkaround Videos can have at your dealership.

If you like what you see and are interested in a demo then visit my video postcard by clicking the link below. Simply complete the demo request form after watching the video. This way Len and I can keep track of those that inquire as a result of this interview and blog post.

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