AutoLeadStar 'Concierge Economy'

VIDEO: How Dealers Can Embrace the Concierge Economy to Let Leads Come Naturally

by · February 20, 2018

For today’s dealership, lead capture is a huge priority – and a huge challenge. Reaching diverse customers with personalization, managing the wide variety of lead-capture tools, and gathering and using data effectively can all be daunting, as well as time-consuming.

In November 2017 during our live web chat with AutoLeadStar Director of Business Development Ilana (Zur) Shabtay, we explored how artificial intelligence can help optimize your website for maximum value at minimal effort, by catering to today’s shoppers’ needs in what she calls, the ‘Concierge Economy.’

In this video, examples of the concierge economy are used to illustrate the point that shoppers today expect auto retailers to provide information that is not just relevant and timely, but highly personalized.

Talking points include:

  • How to provide a deep, personalized experience for shoppers
  • How to declutter your website with lead capture tools that do not compete with each other
  • How to tackle your data so that it actually helps with your marketing strategy
  • How to leverage big data to present the rights offers at the right time