Rivet Stuck in Gun: Quick Fixes for Frustrated DIYers

In this article, I will explore the common issue of a rivet being stuck in a gun, a frustrating problem for many DIYers.

I’ll guide you through understanding rivets and rivet guns, identifying common causes of stuck rivets, and providing effective solutions.

Whether you’re working on a small home project or a larger construction task, this guide will help you quickly and efficiently resolve this issue and get back to your work.

Rivet Stuck in Gun Quick Fixes for Frustrated DIYers

Understanding Rivets and Rivet Guns

Rivets are small metal pins that are used to join two or more materials together. I have seen rivets being used in various applications, such as construction, automotive assembly, and even aircraft manufacturing.

They are perfect for creating strong, secure connections between different objects.

Rivet guns, on the other hand, are the tools that help us install rivets. There are several types of rivet guns available, like manual, pneumatic, and battery-operated guns.

I have personally used a manual rivet gun for small DIY projects at home, and it worked great!

Let me give you a brief comparison of manual and pneumatic rivet guns:

 Manual Rivet GunPneumatic Rivet Gun
CostAffordableMore expensive
EffortMore effortLess effort

Here are some features of rivet guns:

  • Adjustable nosepiece
  • Easy-to-use mechanism
  • Comfortable grip

Lastly, let me list out some pros and cons of using rivet guns:


  • Quick and reliable method for securing connections
  • Wide range of applications
  • Durable and long-lasting joints


  • Can be difficult to remove or replace rivets
  • Requires proper alignment and technique to prevent issues like stuck rivets
  • Pneumatic and battery-operated guns can be cumbersome and expensive for casual users

I hope that this brief overview of rivets and rivet guns helped you understand the basics of these essential tools and their uses in creating secure connections between materials.

Rivet Stuck in Gun Quick Fixes for Frustrated DIYers

Common Causes of Rivet Stuck in Gun

One possible cause for a stuck rivet in a gun is misalignment. When I place the rivets wrongly in the rivet gun, they may not break because of the loose attachment.

Another reason could be a broken rivet gun that cannot function properly.

For instance, if the swarf gets crushed between the jaw and the mating taper, it may lead to issues. Regularly cleaning and lubricating these surfaces can help prevent stuck rivets.

Debris accumulation is another common issue with pneumatic rivet guns. Clearing debris from the airline, air cylinder, or jaw assembly may fix the problem. Applying lubrication where needed can also be beneficial.

In some cases, a simple solution like hammering the stuck rivet with a bit of force can work. However, if the problem persists, using all-purpose oil or WD-40 to prevent further issues might be necessary.

Preventing Rivets from Sticking

Routine Maintenance

I’ve learned that maintaining your rivet gun is crucial in preventing rivets from sticking. Cleaning the tool regularly and applying appropriate lubrication can help avoid this problem.

For example, it’s a good idea to remove the nosepiece and thoroughly clean any debris or residue after each use. I find that using a wire brush can remove most of the dirt and grime effectively.

Additionally, checking if the inserts are properly installed and securely in place helps ensure a smoother operation.

Depending on the brand of the rivet gun, the inserts can sometimes be installed backwards, so it’s essential to double-check before using the tool.

Rivet Stuck in Gun Quick Fixes for Frustrated DIYers

Proper Usage Tips

Along with routine maintenance, using the rivet gun properly can also prevent issues with stuck rivets. First, make sure you are using the correct size rivet and insert for your project.

If the rivet is too large or too small for the insert, it might lead to jamming or malfunctioning.

When using the rivet gun, I find it useful to apply steady pressure and squeeze the handle in a smooth motion. This helps ensure that the rivet is set correctly, minimizing the chances of it getting stuck.

If you encounter a stuck rivet, some common methods to remove it are tapping on the bench or even hammering it out with a little bit of force.

How to Unstick a Rivet

Using Basic Home Tools

In my experience, dealing with a stuck rivet isn’t too difficult, especially when using basic home tools.

A common method is to unscrew the nose piece of the rivet gun and then tap or bang it on a bench to bring the grippers back down. This often helps release the stuck rivet.

Another option I’ve tried is removing the stuck rivet pin without any tools. By pushing the rivet pin into the riveter after releasing the handles, you can sometimes get the stuck pin out.

Alternative Techniques

Sometimes, using alternative techniques can be helpful when my usual tools don’t work. For instance, using a hammer to unstuck the rivet can be effective. Apply a little bit of force and strike the rivet while holding the rivet gun firmly.

Another approach is demonstrated by KINCROME Tool Tips, which show how to hold the riveter and apply force to remove the stuck pin. Practicing these techniques and being patient with the process will usually yield successful results.

Rivet Stuck in Gun Quick Fixes for Frustrated DIYers

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Professional Help and Services

Sometimes, a rivet can get stuck in a rivet gun, making it difficult to remove on our own. In cases like this, it’s best to seek professional help. Let me share with you some steps and options to consider.

First, we can try to diagnose the issue ourselves by calling a tool repair department. They can guide us through possible solutions and determine whether we need to send in the tool for further inspection or just require some replacement parts.

In case we need professional intervention, we can send our rivet gun to a trained technician. They’ll provide a thorough repair estimate, and once we approve, they’ll promptly fix our tool and get it back in working order.

Regular maintenance of our pneumatic rivet gun is also essential to avoid getting rivets stuck in the future. To learn more about maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing pneumatic rivet guns, check out this informative guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove a stuck rivet from a gun?

When a rivet gets stuck in a gun, I follow these simple steps to remove it. First, I unscrew the nose piece of the gun. Then, I tap or bang it on a bench to dislodge the stuck rivet source. It usually comes out easily after that.

What are some common issues with rivet guns?

Some common issues with rivet guns I’ve encountered include misalignment of rivets, broken rivet guns, and using the wrong size insert for the rivet source. It’s essential to address these issues to ensure smooth operation.

Any tips for using a rivet gun efficiently?

To use a rivet gun efficiently, I make sure to:

  • Always use the correct size insert for the rivet
  • Double-check rivet alignment before setting
  • Clean and maintain the gun regularly

Following these tips, I can avoid common problems and ensure proper functioning of the rivet gun.

How to troubleshoot a malfunctioning rivet gun?

When my rivet gun malfunctions, I usually check for the following:

  • Debris or dirt obstructing the gun’s mechanism
  • Misaligned or broken parts within the gun
  • Incorrect size insert installed

By identifying and addressing these issues, I can effectively troubleshoot and fix my rivet gun source.

How do I fix a stuck rivet in a specific brand’s gun?

Fixing a stuck rivet in a specific brand’s gun typically involves following the manufacturer’s instructions or contacting their customer support for guidance. Each brand might have slightly different mechanisms, so it’s crucial to refer to their guidelines.

What makes a rivet gun the best choice?

I believe a rivet gun is the best choice due to its:

  • Ease of use
  • Quick and secure fastening of materials
  • Durability and long-lasting performance
  • Wide range of applications

Overall, a rivet gun is a reliable, efficient, and versatile tool for various fastening tasks.

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Rivet Stuck in Gun Quick Fixes for Frustrated DIYers


Through this article, I’ve shared several practical solutions for dealing with a rivet stuck in a gun, from basic home tools to professional help.

Understanding the mechanics of rivets and rivet guns, recognizing common causes of jamming, and applying appropriate fixes are key to resolving this issue.

Regular maintenance and correct usage of rivet guns can prevent future occurrences, ensuring your DIY projects proceed smoothly and efficiently.