2 Reasons Why Turn Signal Comes On When Brake Is Pressed

Why is it that my turn signal comes on when brake is pressed? We looked at the answer to this question and realized that this is a very common problem. You will find the reasons below.

A long drive is all we need to shed away the worries and relax our minds. And the ride becomes even more fruitful if your car is working smoothly and perfectly. While driving a car, all of a sudden, you might notice that the turn signal turns on after you brake. This is very odd and requires your immediate attention.

In this article, we will talk about how you can solve this problem in your vehicle so that it can function smoothly again. 

Turn Signal Comes On When Brake Is Pressed

Why Does The Turn Signal Come On Hitting The Brakes?

As mentioned earlier, the coming of turn signals is very odd.

#1. Issues in Wiring

This usually happens when there is an underlying problem in the wiring. The brake wire and the wire used to light up the turn signal bulb run close to each other. 

If they intertwine or a cross-connection occurs, then your turn lights might start blinking as you are pressing the brakes. 

#2. The Signal Bulb May Need To Be Changed

Other than that, in some cases, it has also been seen that the problem remains with the turn signal bulb itself. 

The solutions to these problems are also very simple. You need to check the ground wires and locate the ones causing the problems. If you think this is not your cup of tea, take your car to the experts and get it checked thoroughly.


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Why Is Blinker Blinking Faster Than Usual?

If you are dealing with a fast blinking light, the brake lights and hazard lights will also malfunction. This usually happens when the brake light bulb of one side or both the sides get burned out. 

If that is not the case, then electrical connection problems in the indicator stalk switch can also make the blinker blink rapidly. Under this circumstance, replacing the brake light bulb will do the job. 

What is a Turn Signal Relay?

Under normal conditions, whenever you hit the turn signal switch, the turn signal will turn on. The component responsible for this is the turn signal or flasher relay. It will keep on getting switched on and off, and you will be able to hear a clicking sound now and then when all the components related to the system are on. 

Turn Signal Comes On When Brake Is Pressed

How to Change Your Vehicle’s Turn Signal Switch?

The problem might be lying in the turn signal switch, which acts as an activator to the flasher. It might malfunction whenever you move the signal switch either in an upward or downward direction. You can’t keep the turn signal switch in a malfunctioning condition. But instead of taking it to a mechanic, you can replace the turn signal switch on your own. 

All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

#1. Get a repairing manual

Based on the model and the manufacturer of the car you are using, how you can repair the turn signal switch can vary. So, the first thing you need to do is get a user manual to get all the instructions on how to repair the turn signal switch.

#2. Remove the battery

This is a crucial step in the whole process as not disconnecting the battery from the system will lead to an electrical shortage. Before doing anything, disconnect the negative end of your battery. 

#3. Detach the steering wheel

To reach the turn signal switch, remove the steering wheel from its place. To get the job done, you can take the help of a steering wheel puller. By applying a little force, you would be able to pull the steering wheel off its place. Inside the steering column, you will find a plastic shroud, and by removing that, you can reach the turn signal switch. 

#4. Break the connection with the wiring harness

Before removing the turn signal switch, you need to remove it from the harness with wiring in it. You need to know the sequence to reconnect the wiring harness with the new turn signal switch. Finally, after disconnecting the wires, you will be able to take the turn signal switch out. 

#5. Replace the signal switch

Once the faulty turn signal switch has been taken out, replace it with a new one. Reconnect the wiring harness wires in the same way the old switch was attached to the system. 

#6. Attach the steering wheel again

Now, all the steps will be in reverse. First thing after changing the turn signal switch, you need to put the steering wheel back in its place.

#7. Put the battery back

Now, as you have removed the battery in the beginning, you need to put it where it was to make your vehicle operable again. 

#8. Test the new turn signals

At last, start your car and test whether the whole system is working properly or not. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are tail lights and brake lights the same bulb? 

Taillights come into play whenever you turn your headlights or put your foot on the parking brake present in your car. On the other hand, the brake lights will immediately light up after putting pressure on the car brake. These two bulbs are different, and you can quickly identify them by color and illumination. The illuminating power of brake lights is more than tail lights. 

Turn Signal Comes On When Brake Is Pressed

Are front and rear turn signals the same bulb?

The purpose of both the front and rear turn signals is almost the same. The only difference is that the front turn signal bulb helps the pedestrians walking in front of the car and other drivers in front to understand whether the vehicle will turn left or right. And on the other hand, the rear turn signal bulb does the same thing for the drivers and pedestrians at the back. 

How much is required to change a turn signal?

If you need to change the turn signal, you need to spend somewhere between $230 to $260. Moreover, you also need to pay approximately $80 as the labor cost for the garage. Additional charges will be added because of taxes. You can save the mechanic’s charge and taxes if you choose to do it on your own. 


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A Few Final Words

As we have reached the end of the article, we hope you have gathered some helpful information regarding this topic. As an owner, you need to change the turn signal switch in most cases. Replacing it is easy to do, and you can do it by yourself by following a user manual. If you cannot change it, get in touch with a professional mechanic. 

Thank you for reading the article, we hope you enjoyed what we had to share. If you still have doubts, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through a comment and we will try our best to answer your query.

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