What Are Tuner Wheels In GTA 5?

If you have been playing GTA for some time, you might have heard about tuner wheels. What are tuner wheels in GTA 5? What purpose do they solve and why is there so much buzz around them in the GTA community? This article will answer all of these doubts.

Grand Theft Auto or GTA is an ever-evolving online game that has become massively popular among gamers for the last 9 years. Tuner wheels are a part of the game’s HD era, and this article discusses their role in the dynamic virtual game. 

One of the most successful and spectacular online games, Grand Theft Auto, popularly known as GTA, is always in high demand. The game’s popularity is at an all-time high, and it has reached the point where celebrities are making appearances at every stage of the game. 

Needless to say that the game is ever-evolving and keeps introducing new technology and equipment at every stage. 

So, there’s a lot of buzz about the tuner wheels that are garnering attention in GTA 5, even though many people are still confused about their function. This article will discuss tuner wheels and clear all your doubts!


What Are Tuner Wheels In GTA 5

What Are Tuner Wheels in GTA 5?

Tuner wheels in GTA 5 help in sticking the vehicle to the road. They have a strong grip to the ground, especially when the car is running on a smoother terrain. 

The higher grip on the road makes it easy to recover from spin-outs and makes the vehicle less drifty. It is an excellent option for those who like to drive sports cars. 


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What Do Tuner Wheels Do in GTA 5?

Tuner wheels provide the loosest grip of any tire, and they also makes sure that you have complete control over the steering. You can drive your vehicle near the sharpest corners and drift easily. 

A car equipped with tuner wheels can also take bumps better than its contemporaries. However, if you are not careful with the wheels, you might increase your chances of ramming into other vehicles and walls. So, be careful and practice with tuner wheels to handle it like an expert. 


What Are Tuner Wheels In GTA 5

Why Are Racing Wheels So Expensive?

Racing wheels are quite an expensive deal for most people. They usually fall in the range of $200 to $700 or even more. 

But those passionate about speed racing do not bat an eyelid before purchasing them. For those lesser passionate people, here are all the reasons why racing wheels are so expensive:

#1. Hi-tech appeal 

The most compelling reason people throw money on purchasing racing wheels is its hi-tech manufacturing. The wireless technology of these wheels is similar to Bluetooth and, thus, more convenient than other wheels available on the market.

#2. The display 

The colorful display screen of the product gets you soaked in the world of car racing. The data displayed on the screen include lap time, shift, RPM light, position, lap delta, etc., making the racing quite an adventure for you and your friends. 


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#3. Feedback 

In other controllers, including Xbox and Playstation, you do not get any physical feedback when turning left or right corners. However, the case is slightly different in racing games that offer forced feedback, which implies centered force and other visuals and effects. 

The advanced technology used in replacing springs with electric motors in the controller certainly changed the whole game. You can feel your wheel shaking while crashing, rambling, or taking other turns that excite you!

The whole purpose of the concept is to get the player closer to the virtual world as if it is the real world; They feel the force going through the steering and adding to their drivability. 

It is important to remember that not all wheels are equipped with forced feedback technology and that you must invest in the high-end racing wheel to get the best out of your experience. 


What Are Tuner Wheels In GTA 5

#4. Quality 

There is certainly no doubt that racing wheels are made from metal gears that spin at every turn. High-quality materials, including leather, lithium, and more, are used in its production, making these wheels worth their price. 

#5. More functions 

The racing wheel is stylish and comes with more functions that are pretty complex and, thus, worth the price. All functions of racing wheels are dedicated to bringing a realistic experience of the virtual world to the user. Some of the popular features of racing wheels that are hard to find in remotes include the following:

  • Rotating ABS and brake bias 
  • Push the button for the headlight to flash 
  • Toggle switch for ignition on and off 
  • Momentary push-button for the entry and exit
  • Toggle switch for engine on and off, and more.


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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What are tuner wheels GTA V?

Tuner wheels GTA V are unique products that help the vehicle to get a better grip on the ground. An adequate grip duly allows the car to drift in the sharpest road corners while avoiding any crash or accident. 

So, if you have sports running throughout the game, get tuner wheels for the vehicle, and believe us when we say that you will never be disappointed. 

#2. What is a tuner wheel?

A tuner wheel offers the loosest possible grip that a tire/wheel can provide. The best part about a tuner wheel is that it helps you gain impressive control over the steering, which means that bumps and smashes are no longer a problem for your vehicle in the virtual world. 

The grip it provides can help your car run over rough terrains as well and thus, makes the game interesting. 


What Are Tuner Wheels In GTA 5

#3. What is a tuner in GTA?

Tuner wheels in GTA are produced in large numbers and feature about or less than 300hp. The tuner is dominantly a part of the HD era where vehicles are classified as tuners. The popularity of tuners has risen to the point where they inspire modifications in real-life vehicles. 

#4. How do you get a tuner wheel in GTA 5?

To get tuner wheels in GTA 5, you will have to unlock the car meet mechanic’s location on the map. You will have to buy the car meet membership, which will unlock the location and let you have the tuner wheel when you meet the car meet mechanic, Annis Remus.

Now, you will go to the car upgrade menu and choose the wheels followed by tires. After selecting tires, look for the ‘Tires Enhancement’ option and purchase the tuner wheel. You can now get the wheel from the interaction menu. 


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A Few Final Words

We hope that the article was of some help to you and that it gave you a better understanding of the tuner wheels. If you are intrigued to learn more about this, we believe it is time for you to step into the virtual world of GTA and experience it all by yourself.

Thank you for reading the article – we hope you got what you came here for! If you still have doubts about GTA V, tuner wheels or anything else related to cars, we are at your side. Just drop us a word in the comments and we will answer your beck and call.

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