Blue Top Vs Red Head: Which Steering Box is Better?

For many vehicle enthusiasts, the choice of the best steering box often comes down to Blue Top vs Red Head. Let’s explore both options.

When it comes to picking the right steering box, finding the perfect balance between reliability and performance is crucial. For most, the choice often comes down to Blue Top vs. Red Head.

Both companies offer high-quality products designed to improve your driving experience, but there are notable differences between them.

Blue Top Vs Red Head

Blue Top steering boxes are known for their durability, ease of installation, and affordability.

They have a solid reputation for eliminating steering issues and keeping your ride smooth.

On the other hand, Red Head steering boxes offer optimal performance at a higher price range and can be slightly less durable.

To make the best decision for your vehicle, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of both Blue Top and Red Head.

Comparing factors such as cost, durability, and steering performance will ultimately help you pick the right steering box for your needs.

Check out the detailed comparison between the two brands in this post for a deeper understanding.

Blue Top Vs Red Head Steering Boxes

Blue Top Steering Box

Blue Top steering boxes are known for their durability and affordable pricing, with gearboxes ranging from $245 to $405.

A core charge at Blue Top starts at a minimum of $150, but customers have praised their support system and post-install steering performance.

No steering issues have been reported after installing a Blue Top steering box, resulting in a smooth and controlled ride.

Red Head Steering Box

Red Head steering boxes are a popular option, but they can be less durable compared to Blue Top.

The price of gearboxes at Red Head ranges from $296 to approximately $800, making them a pricier option.

A core charge at Red Head starts at $200, but they offer a two-month window for a full refund of the core.

Though Red Head steering boxes can result in tight steering, many customers still prefer them for their performance and precision.

Blue Top Vs Red Head

Key Differences and Comparisons

Quality and Performance

RedHead and BlueTop are both popular steering box options. While RedHead can provide a tight steering experience, BlueTop avoids this issue and offers a smoother steering performance.

BlueTop steering boxes are known for their improved durability compared to RedHead boxes, which can lead to better overall performance.

Price and Core Charge Refund

When comparing prices, BlueTop steering boxes are generally more affordable, ranging from $245 to $405.

In contrast, RedHead gearboxes can cost anywhere from $296 to approximately $800.

Regarding core charge refunds, BlueTop charges a minimum of $150, while RedHead starts at $200.

However, RedHead provides a full core refund within 2 months, whereas at BlueTop this refund period is down to 30 days.

Durability and Reliability

BlueTop steering boxes are known for their superior durability and reliability over RedHead steering boxes.

This leads to better control of your vehicle and delivers a smoother steering experience. Choosing the right steering gearbox is important for maintaining control and safety on the road.

Installation and Ease of Use

Proper installation and ease of use are key considerations when selecting a steering box.

Blue Top and Red Head steering boxes offer different experiences in terms of installation and user-friendliness.

Blue Top steering boxes are praised for their straightforward installation process, with customers appreciating the clear instructions provided by the company.

The replacement process involves removing the old steering box and installing the Blue Top option using basic hand tools.

Red Head steering boxes may require more technical expertise during installation, often necessitating additional adjustments and alignment.

However, both brands aim to deliver a smooth and controlled driving experience, ensuring ease of use for vehicle owners.

Common Issues and Solutions

Steering Slop

Steering slop refers to the excessive play in the steering wheel, which can make controlling your vehicle difficult. Both RedHead and BlueTop steering boxes address this issue.

However, some users have reported that RedHead steering can end up feeling tight, while BlueTop typically doesn’t have this problem.

To fix the steering slop, ensure proper installation of the steering box, and make any necessary adjustments.

Shaft Seal Leaks

Shaft seal leaks can occur in any steering box due to wear and tear or improper installation. Check both RedHead and BlueTop manuals for proper fitting instructions.

If you find a leak, determine if it’s due to normal wear or improper fitting. Then, either replace the seal or re-install the shaft according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Ball Joint Wear

Ball joints in your steering system can wear out over time, affecting the performance of both RedHead and BlueTop steering boxes. Regular inspection of these joints can prevent issues and prolong their lifespan.

To address ball joint wear, check for dynamic and static loads, and follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

Additionally, lubricate ball joints as needed to ensure smooth operation. If you find excessive wear, it may be necessary to replace the ball joints.

Steering System Components

Power Steering Pump

The power steering pump plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth steering control. It provides hydraulic pressure and fluid to your 4×4 truck’s steering box.

Both Red Head and Blue Top steering boxes require a properly functioning power steering pump to maintain optimal performance.

Regular maintenance, such as checking fluid levels and inspecting for leaks, helps prolong the pump’s life.

Bushings and Idler Arms

Bushings and idler arms are pivotal components for a 4×4 truck’s steering system. They connect the steering box to the rest of the suspension.

Over time, the bushings and idler arms wear out, causing reduced steering performance. It’s essential to periodically inspect these components and replace them when needed.

Hydro Assist

Hydro assist is a hydraulic system upgrade that enhances steering control, especially for trucks involved in towing or off-road activities.

Blue Top and Red Head steering boxes can benefit from a hydro assist kit by increasing their durability and improving steering responsiveness.

Upgrading to hydro assist can provide additional support to your steering system.

To recap, the steering system components in a 4×4 truck include the power steering pump, bushings and idler arms, and hydro assist.

Regular maintenance and upgrades, such as adding a hydro assist kit, can improve steering control and durability.

Both Blue Top and Red Head steering boxes are popular choices in the market with their unique features and price points.

Blue Top Vs Red Head

Customer Experiences and Reviews

Red Head Steering Box Users

Red Head Steering Box users have found the product to be a high-quality option. The company offers a wide range of prices, from $296 to around $800, giving customers various options to choose from.

Many users mention that Red Head has excellent customer service and takes the time to provide individual assistance. Red Head also provides two months for a full core refund.

Blue Top Steering Box Users

For Blue Top Steering Box users, the price range is $245 to $405, making it a more affordable choice than Red Head.

However, Blue Top charges a minimum of $150 for core returns, compared to Red Head’s minimum core charge of $200, and they provide only 30 days for a core refund.

Users who have installed a Blue Top Steering Box have reported improved steering and a decrease in vehicle wandering.

Blue Top Steering Box customers appreciate the friendly customer service and are satisfied with the product’s performance.

Choosing the Right Steering Box for Your Vehicle

Selecting the right steering box for your vehicle is essential to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Start by evaluating your vehicle type and driving style. Different steering boxes are designed for specific vehicles, such as trucks or off-road vehicles, based on their suspension setup.

Check the compatibility of Blue Top and Red Head steering boxes with your vehicle model to ensure a proper fit.

Consider your priorities and budget. Blue Top steering boxes are known for their durability, ease of installation, and affordability, making them a popular choice for those seeking reliable yet budget-friendly options.

Red Head steering boxes offer optimal performance at a higher price range, appealing to those willing to invest more for precise steering response.

Evaluate the steering performance characteristics that matter to you. Blue Top steering boxes eliminate steering issues and provide a smooth ride, while Red Head steering boxes offer tight and precise steering.

Consider your driving preferences and conditions to determine which brand aligns better with your requirements.


In conclusion, when choosing between Blue Top and Red Head steering boxes, it’s important to consider factors such as durability, price, and steering performance.

Blue Top offers a reliable and affordable option, known for its smooth steering and ease of installation.

On the other hand, Red Head provides precise steering but at a higher price point and with slightly less durability.

Evaluating your needs, vehicle type, and budget will help you make an informed decision and select the right steering box for your vehicle.

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