How to Remove Red Dye From Diesel?

Red dye is added to identify taxable fuel in some countries. This article discusses how to remove red dye from diesel, and whether you should be carrying red dye diesel with you at all.

Many countries use color or add dyes to their fuel to distinguish taxable fuel from nontaxable fuel. You will find the presence of a red pigment in diesel in many countries. The red diesel is cheaper than the regular diesel. You will find us discussing this diesel in this article. 

What is Red diesel? 

In simple terms, red diesel is a cheaper alternative to regular gasoline. This is a type of diesel that can be used in construction and agricultural vehicles. The primary reason why this fuel comes with a red dye is that it is available to the ability at a significantly cheaper rate. The government imposes fewer tax rates on this diesel. 

Red diesel is available at a quarter of the price of standard diesel. There are ways through which you can add certain chemicals to the red fuel and make its dye colorless. 

How to Remove Red Dye From Diesel

Why Is This Fuel Dyed?

The red-dyed diesel consists of red diesel dye so that authorities can detect illegal use of this fuel. Since red color of diesel can only be used by construction and agricultural vehicles, it should not be used by other regular cars. As red diesel is available at a lower price, ordinary people might also start using it to save money. 

The primary reason why this fuel consists of dye are for identification of the fuel. Certain types of fuels are exempted from taxes and other costs. 

So this becomes a massive concern for the authorities as they can lose vast amounts of money through the people that use these fuels for other purposes. Some of the fuel is used for laundering purposes also.

The government governs the use of red color in diesel as only diazo dyes solvent red 26, and solvent red 164 are acceptable. 


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How To Remove Red Dye Diesel Fuel?

You can remove the red dye from diesel fuel by following through on some processes:-

  • Using a column is a very efficient way to turn the red diesel to white. You will need to immerse a column in the red diesel. The column will absorb all the red pigment from the diesel, leaving it colorless. Then you can also follow some cleaning processes to make the diesel pure.
  • You can also use activated carbon or charcoal and add it to the red fuel. You can slowly observe the red energy turning clear and the active carbon absorbing all the dye from the fuel. 
  • Cat litter is also an excellent catalyst for turning red dye diesel into white. You can start the process by first heating oil. Then you will need cat litter to filter the red dye. As the red dye diesel passes through the cat litter at high temperatures, it will turn white from red. However, this method is not a guaranteed method for turning the fuel. 

How to Remove Red Dye From Diesel

Does Red Diesel Ruin Your Car?

No, there are no significant implications of using red diesel in your car if your car already has a diesel engine. The difference will be that your vehicle will be running on off-road diesel rather than the regular standard diesel. 

If you are using red diesel in a petrol car, then there will be a lot of damage caused to your vehicle. Carrying red diesel is also illegal, and you can face a penalty for it. 


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Is Red Diesel Illegal?

If you are caught with red-dye diesel in your regular car, then you are breaking the law. 

There are also some severe monetary penalties, such as $10 per gallon of red fuel used. Multiple offenders can also be imprisoned for breaking this law. Getting caught is not worth the money that you were trying to save by using red fuel. 

Why Is Using Red Diesel In My Truck Not Legal?

Using red diesel in your truck is illegal because red diesel is a special fuel that is only meant to be used in particular vehicles. This road fuel is available at discounted rates to farmers and construction workers. 

The government adds dye to this fuel so that they can easily distinguish this fuel from other types of fuel. If you are caught using this fuel in your regular vehicles, then you can be imprisoned for using this fuel. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days will red diesel remain in the car? 

Red diesel can stay pure and fresh for a long time, even when it is in the tank. This fuel can remain suitable for use in your vehicle tank for up to one year. The red diesel has a shelf life of one year, provided that you keep this fuel in good storage and maintenance. 

How to Remove Red Dye From Diesel

Why are clear and dyed diesel different? 

Similar to red dye diesel is blue dye diesel, this diesel is just blue, and it is only used in government vehicles. The significant difference between these types of fuel is that dyed diesel has a higher content of sulfur in it. Due to this reason, this fuel is not suitable for using on-road vehicles; instead, it is suitable for use on off-road diesel vehicles. 

Can you run red diesel in a farm truck? 

Yes, you can run red diesel in a farm truck. Red diesel is specially made for off-road diesel vehicles. You will also save a lot of expenses while using this diesel. Red diesel will cost you a quarter of the standard diesel for the same quantity. Red diesel also has a higher amount of sulfur in it. 

Does Cat Litter Take The Red Color Out Of Red Diesel? 

Yes, cat litter can take the dye out of red diesel. But this method is not guaranteed to help you remove the red paint from the diesel. A cat litter is a perfect catalyst for absorbing the dye from the red diesel. 

Wrap Up

Red diesel is an initiative taken by the government to provide fuel at cheaper rates to working-class people. Since this fuel is very affordable, many people want to figure out ways to remove the red dye from the fuel. Removing the red dye from the diesel will save them a lot of money.

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