Comparing Shades – KIA EV6 Glacier White Pearl vs Snow White Pearl

Kia EV6 Glacier White Pearl vs Snow White Pearl: Which shade is most perfect for you? Compare features, pros, and cons to decide on the right shade for your next car!

Deciding between KIA’s new EV6 electric vehicle and the color options can be challenging.

You have to think about your personal style, budget, and if you want the glamor of a pearl color!

Two particularly tempting options are the Glacier White Pearl paint job or the Snow White Pearl one.

They both offer luxury but may require a bit more costly than a standard solid color option.

This article will compare KIA’s Glacier White Pearl and Snow White Pearl on details like shine, beauty, upkeep, and cost.

Read it so that you can make an informed decision on which white pearl you should choose!

Glacier White Pearl vs Snow White Pearl

What Is The Main Difference Between Glacier White Pearl and Snow White Pearl?

KIA EV6 and KIA Telluride come in two stunning colors: Glacier White Pearl and Snow White Pearl.

While they may look similar from a distance, there’s actually quite a difference between the two shades.

The Snow White Pearl is brighter and shinier, while the Glacier White Pearl has more of a subtle undertone that makes it appear matte.

Put simply, when viewed from afar, the Glacier shade appears to be a grey-white hue, whereas the Snow one looks crystal white.

That being said, these differences are only noticeable up close – from a distance, both colors are nearly indistinguishable!

So if you’re looking for just the right color tone for your KIA vehicle, make sure to examine them closely to find the perfect shade for your car.

Glacier White Pearl vs. Snow White Pearl

There are very specific differences between the Glacier White Pearl and Snow White Pearl colors.

Depending on the color match, if you are willing to purchase either of the cars, you need to know what exactly you are going for.

So here are the main differences between Glacier White Pearl and Snow White Pearl:

  • Warmth: Glacier Pearl has more warmth in color than the Snow White Pearl, which is shinier.
  • Undertone: With a gray undertone, the glacier looks damper when viewed. The Snow White Peal has a clearer shade of white.
  • Shine: Of the two color tones, Snow White pearl is the shinier car.
  • Overall look: If you are willing to invest in a white car, either of these color tones from KIA can be a great choice. The only option you will have is how much you want your car’s surface to shine, which will also determine the car’s maintenance.

What Are Some Of The Other Popular Colors?

For those who are planning to buy a KIA electric vehicle but cannot be sure about the overall white color of the car, there are a lot of other options to look into.

Gravity Blue

For those who don’t want to blend in the crowd, the Gravity Blue shade of Kia EV6 is sure to stand out.

This unique hue was inspired by the intense hue created when a star meets earthly gravity and results in an amazing sight not often seen.

The color of Gravity Blue looks perfect for modern-day luxury and technology vehicles. It exudes style with confidence making it quickly become one of the hottest colors on vehicles today.

Not only is its eye-catching appearance a great bonus, but its durability provides assurance against fading, staining, and other damage from outdoor elements.

This shade will add a bit of modern edge to your Kia EV6 that you won’t find anywhere else! If you’re looking for something more evocative than traditional silver or black, Gravity Blue is definitely the way to go!

Yacht Blue

The Kia EV6 is available in a stunningly beautiful Yacht Blue Color. The deep, rich blue brings a visually captivating touch of nautical elegance to your daily drive.

The color of the finish is inspired by the reflections and tonal variations seen on yachts found in marinas, and boat shows – highlights of greys shifting to blues and simple stripes dappled throughout.

It’s an endlessly intriguing color that stands out from the crowd and truly makes a statement on the roads.

Every element of this hue was carefully considered by Kia designers to ensure it was as eye-catching as possible while still maintaining its connection to traditional yacht designs.

Every single part of the car – including the grille, emblems, side curtains, and more – has been expertly covered in Yacht Blue paint, creating an even tone throughout.

The polished finish just screams quality construction and luxury style that you can trust.

Aurora Black Pearl

The Aurora Black Pearl shade for the KIA EV6 is something very special. The black paint offers a modern look with a hint of luxury and sophistication.

The hue gives off an air of exclusivity and has been designed to provide an eye-catching finish across the exterior of the vehicle.

The Aurora Black Pearl color stands out among other shades because it reveals subtle pearl pigment particles in direct sunlight and still looks good even when viewed from various angles inside and out.

It also responds to different kinds of light sources, allowing you to create unique effects with reflections and shadows depending on the time of day or night.

In essence, this particular shade is a unique creation that will turn heads wherever you go in the KIA EV6.

Runaway Red

Runaway Red is the perfect color choice for the daring and bold Kia EV6 driver.

This vibrant red shade is a great option if you want to make a statement and stand out on the road.

Not only will the exterior of your car stand out amongst others, but it will also give your ride an injection of confidence – like you have nothing to hide and you’re ready for anything that comes your way!

The interior of Runaway Red Kia EV6 is as sensational as its exterior finish with distinctively patterned leather seats, slick piano black trims, and concealed neon blue ambient lighting.

Your passengers will be in awe as soon as they step into this luxurious cabin made for adventure.

Whether you are going out with friends, commuting to work, or planning an excursion, Runaway Red Kia EV6 is the only thing that should come to mind when prompted for a show-stopping ride.

Steel Matte Gray

If you’re looking for a sleek and stylish color, the Steel Matte Gray shade of the Kia EV6 is definitely worth considering.

This deep brushed-metal shade conveys a sense of sophistication and class while still allowing your car to stand out from the crowd. It gives off a commanding presence when seen on the street.

The Steel Matte Gray shade also adds protection against harsh weather conditions.

Its matte finish helps reflect sunlight away, reducing glare and fading while still allowing its beautiful hue to shine through.

It’s perfect for those who want to exude class without having to worry about damaging their vehicle’s exterior with driving in sunny or bad weather conditions.

The Steel Matte Gray shade of the Kia EV6 is sure to turn heads wherever you drive it!

Whether zooming around town or cruising down the highway, this sleek and stylish matte gray color will definitely make your Kia EV6 one of the most eye-catching cars on the road!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Glacier white pearl and Clear White?

There is a very distinct difference between the Glacier White Pearl and Clear White colors, especially when you are going for the KIA Telluride. The Glacier tone is damper than clear white, appearing dirtier when seen from a distance.

What color is SWP on a KIA?

When you are purchasing a KIA based on a color chip and see the color code as SWP, you will be purchasing an SWP. This color is suitable for drivers who want their white cars to be slightly shinier than a damp white color.

Is White Pearl more expensive?

No, White Pearl is not more expensive than other colors of the KIA EV6. All colors are on equal footing as far as prices are concerned.
However, it is possible that due to high demand, snow white pearl may not be easily available, and dealerships might charge you extra for procuring the color.

Which white is the most popular among KIA EV6?

For the KIA EV6 design of 2023, the most popular color is the Snow White Pearl. Apart from its classy look, the snow white pearl is available for all versions of KIA, which is why more people tend to opt for it.

Wrap Up

Whatever color you buy, the KIA EV6 has been rated as one of the most eco-friendly cars on the market.

With long battery life and great interiors, it has been a top choice for buyers of electric vehicles.

So whichever design you are going with, you should have a comfortable driving experience.

Thank you for reading, and keep the car shining!

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