EV6 Vs EV1 Injectors: Which Is Best For Your Car?

Fuel injectors make or break an engine, and if you are deciding between EV6 vs EV1 injectors, this guide will help you make the right choice.

Just as the name suggests, fuel injectors are used to atomize and inject fuel into the internal combustion engine. It is one of the main components of a car, and the designs have been changing over time with newer technologies coming in. For most cars, the EV6 and EV1 injectors are still the most popular types in use. 

But what are the different types of fuel injectors? What do you need to know about EV6 and EV1? Read on to find out. 


EV6 Vs EV1 Injectors


What Are EV1 Injectors?

The EV1 injectors are a type of injector body that was created by Bosch — designed with a rectangular casing and dual adapter prongs. The model went on to become one of the most popular injectors to be used in automobiles. There are other companies like Delphi and Denso that manufacture injectors, with certain differences in their style. 

The EV1 injectors follow the LSI length, i.e., 2.37 inches from the center of the O-ring. The component has a bottom and top O-ring diameter of 0.55 inches. It is made in a way that the injector will be compatible with different fuel injector systems. 

Some of the most popular brands to use the EV1 fuel injector are Nissan, BMW, Toyota, Buick, and Ford, among many others. There are early versions of the EV1 fuel injectors – used in Mustangs – called “fat style” injectors. Because of their comparatively bulky design, these fuel injectors started being replaced by more sleek models. 

What Are EV6 Injectors?

EV6 fuel injectors were manufactured by Bosch, keeping a similar design but with updated features. This injector comes in various flow rates and has a 0.55 inches O-ring with the exception of the 1,000 cc model that has 0.43 inches. 

One stand-out feature of the EV6 is its high impedance. Injectors are divided between low and high impedance that determine the level of resistance the component carries. The EV6 injectors are known as high-impedance injectors because of their impedance range between 12-15 Ohm.  

These injectors are called USCAR injector connectors and have been used as the replacement for EV1 injectors. The recent models of Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors cars that have been manufactured from 2006 onwards use the EV6 injectors. 


EV6 Vs EV1 Injectors


EV6 and EV1: Are The Injectors Interchangeable?

EV6 and EV1 are two different types of fuel injectors that are used in different automobile models. The EV6 injector is considered an update from the EV1 type with a more compatible and efficient design. 

For drivers who are looking for better fuel economy and torque, the EV6 is a replacement for the EV1. The EV6 injector has valves that are created to infuse fuel into the car’s intake manifold to get the uniform distribution of fuel in airflow. 

The velocity of fuel passing through a hydraulic piston determines the capacity of fuel absorption. EV6 injectors have longer, quad-stream connector styles that make the fuel injection more efficient. This is why the EV6 style injectors are considered to be the better replacement for any other type of injector. 

An EV1 injector can easily fit in an EV6-style connector, but it may not be in place for too long. You will need a separate adapter when you are trying to fit an EV1 into an EV6 injector. This could be the case with most new car models and models with gasoline engines that are pre-installed with EV6 injectors. 

When you are installing an EV1 on an EV6 style, make sure that all the connections are in place and there is no problem with the fuel rail. Once you have made the replacement and started driving the car, you will have to be careful about the injector staying in place. This becomes an important consideration when you have used an EV1 on an EV6. 

Is It A Good Idea To Replace EV1 With EV6 Injectors?

When you are replacing an EV1 with an EV6 injector, you will be going for a better connector pattern in your car. In the case of EV6, you will not need any additional adapter or alteration to the system. 

Replacing the fuel injector should not take more than a few minutes if you know the components and their placements. All you have to do is lighten two nuts and the fuel line and poke around the fuel rail a little to find the injector. Once you have removed the main clip nuts, remove the old EV1 (or whichever model you have at present) injector and replace them with the EV6. 

The greatest advantage of the EV6 injector is its size. It is easier to adjust in any kind of automobile and delivers better performance than the older style injector. 

The quality of the adapter you are using to make the replacement is crucial. There is an existing harness on the fuel line that has to stay in place even after the adapter is installed. So, it is the better choice to use a good quality adapter that will allow you to keep the harness, where you have to make minimum modifications. 


EV6 Vs EV1 Injectors


Frequently Asked Questions 

Are EV6 injectors better?

The recent EV6 injectors have been known to give less fuel consumption and have more consistency in power. The new style connectors in EV6 injectors have a lesser chance of defects, so they are the smarter choice to make. 

Are EV6 injectors high impedance?

The high impedance of injectors can be checked by measuring the resistance across the two electric terminals of the component. Most EV6 injectors have a high impedance and flow rate with low pulse widths. 

When did EV6 injectors come out?

EV6 injectors were introduced in the market by manufacturer Bosch in 1992. These went on to become one of the most popular injector models because of their think design and two-pin plug.

Are EV6 injectors E85 compatible?

Yes. EV6 injectors are compatible with the use of E85 fuel. The Bosch EV6 injector is one of the most versatile models created, and they are still used in modern car models.  


EV6 Vs EV1 Injectors



No matter what car you are driving, knowing about the efficiency of your fuel injector and how to make the replacement when needed is important to have a smooth ride. In the case of EV6, it has been proven that this type of injector will deliver a better performance in the long run and contribute to the fuel efficiency of your car. So, make your choice smartly! 

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