Honda CRV Sun Visor Won’t Stay Up: 8 Ways To Fix It

The sun visor is problematic in some Honda cars, and if your Honda CRV sun visor won’t stay up, then this article will help you with various tips and tricks to get it to stay up

The sun visor is a vital component of the car as it prevents the sun rays from entering your eyes while driving. But it can become loose with time and start to bend down because of excess use.

There are various reasons for Honda CRV sun visor won’t stay up, like loose nuts and bolts or improper mounting. Again if there is excess weight on the visor, then it will not stay up.

The article discusses various ways to fix the Honda CRV sun visor quickly. So, keep reading this article to learn more about this information.


Honda CRV Sun Visor Won't Stay Up


Why Won’t My Honda CR-V Visor Stay Up?

Driving on a sunny day is quite fun and refreshing. But too much sunlight can hit the windshield and hurt your eyes while driving. Remember, excessive glare can obstruct your vision at the time of driving which can lead to accidents.

There comes the importance of a sun visor. It blocks the sun’s rays, and thus you can comfortably ride on the road. Below are a few reasons why the Honda CR-V’s visor won’t stay up.

#1. Mounted Bar Clips Have Become Loose

If you look towards the drivers sun visor, you will see that it is attached to the car roof by a metal bar. The metal bar is held in position by clips. The clips have various screws that help keep the sun visor adequately positioned.

But it should not be so tight that you cannot move it towards the window or any other direction to block sunlight. You can see the same concept in spectacles. There are screws to tighten the arms of the glasses. But they are too much tight that you cannot adjust the spectacles.

The problem occurs when the screws start to get loose. Well, it does not happen overnight. Repeated use of sun visors can make the screws loose. For example, some drivers like to look at themselves in the visor mirror many times during the day. The visor is only designed to be used sparingly, and consequently, it can cause the visor not to stay up.

#2. Broken Mounted Bar Clips

The bar clips of sun visors usually comprise plastic. Repeated use of visors can cause the bar clips to break. If the visor clips get damaged or broken, there is nothing to keep them up; hence, they will droop down.

#3. Extra Weight On The Sun Visor

Some car owners take advantage of the sun visor and keep various essential things when it is shut. For example, keep important papers, photographs, and many more.

The grips of the visor are mainly designed to bear the weight of the sun visor. If you keep extra things, the grip cannot bear the weight, so the visor starts to fall. It could be so bad that your entire visor will come down


Honda CRV Sun Visor Won't Stay Up


#4. Improper Mounting

Improper mounting can also be the reason why the sun visor does not stay up. Whenever there is an issue with the bar clips, you remove the visor, use the new clips and remount the sun visor.

Well, putting the visor back in place is quite challenging. There can be mistakes that can lead to drooping down the sun visor.

How To Fix Honda CRV Sun Visor That won’t Stay Up?

When the sun visor doesn’t stay up while driving the car in sunny weather, then it is pretty annoying. Fortunately, there are a few ways by which you can fix the Honda CRV Sun visor that is continuously drooping down.

#1. Use Zip Ties

Insufficient friction hinders the sun visor from staying up. Well, you can use zip ties to fix the problem. This method is relatively easy and inexpensive. We list the procedure you should follow while fixing the sun visor with zip ties.

  • Pull the visor towards you so there will be enough space between the sun visor and the arm.
  • Now insert one zip tie. You need to insert it so that t will be parallel to the arm of the sun visor. Try to push it as much inside as possible.
  • Now slip the visor back to its position and check whether the zip tie provides enough friction to the sun visor.
  • If it does not provide enough friction, slide one more zip tie similar to the first one.
  • Don’t use too much thick zip ties.
  • This method saves you money from buying a new sun visor for your car.

#2. Use Velcro

Using velcro is another easy way to fix the problem. Cut the velcro to almost 18 inches and wrap it all over the sun visor. You must stick one side of the velcro to the visor and another to itself. It will help in keeping the sun visor in the proper place.

#3. Use Rubber Band

A rubber band is another cheap solution for fixing the problem. You have to loop the rubber band over the sun visor to keep it in the proper place.

#4. Use Viso Riser

Viso riser is another simple and easy way to fix the solution. Follow the procedure listed below to fix the problem by using Viso-riser

  • Make the sun visor up.
  • Keep the Viso-riser towards you.
  • Place the bent end of the Viso-riser over the visor.
  • Hold both ends of the visor riser by your finger. Keep your index finger on the place where the visor ends.
  • Now flip the Viso-riser but keep the index finger in that position.
  • Bend the point at which you have held your index finger.
  • Flip the Viso-riser once again and insert the Viso-riser into your car’s sun visor.
  • It will help in keeping the visor in its proper place.


Honda CRV Sun Visor Won't Stay Up


#5. Use Binder Clip

You can use a binder clip to fix the solution. You can easily install a binder clip in the car’s sun visor and prevent it from drooping down.

Follow the procedures below to use the binder clip on the visor.

  • Flip down the sun visor on your car.
  • Remove the visor from one side.
  • Find a large binder clip from the market. Now flip the clip and attach it to the back of the visor.
  • Open the clip and attach it to the sun visor. Ensure that the clips should attach appropriately to the visor.
  • Now hook the other end of the sun visor and check.
  • You will observe that the sun visor is not falling. It is aesthetically appealing but can fix the issue quickly.

#6.Using Lubricant

Lubricants can also help in resolving the problem. You have to unclip the side of the sun visor attached to the car roof with nuts and bolts.

Apply the lubricant on the metal bar properly. But don’t put too much lubricant at a time because it can cause stains on the sun visor. The lubrication will help in fixing drying or corrosion problems. Now put the sun visor back in place by reinstalling all the screws.

#7.Tighten The Screws

The clip screw can become loose with time. So, search for a screwdriver, insert it on the flat end of the screw and tighten it. Don’t tighten the screws too much because it will hinder the visor movement.

#8. Buy New Visor Clip

The clips which usually hold the sun visor can break with time. A broken clip will cause the sun visor to fall. You can buy a new sun visor clip and screw it into the mount to keep the sun visor in place.

#9. Buy Replacement Visor

If nothing else works, you can simply buy a new visor from your dealer and get it installed directly in the car. That way, your visor problem will be solved permanently, but note that this might be an expensive solution.


Honda CRV Sun Visor Won't Stay Up


Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How do you keep a sun visor in place?

You can keep the sun visor in the proper place in various ways.

  • You need to tighten all the screws that hold the bar of the sun visor in the proper position. Additionally, check the visor clips. If they are wide enough and not holding the visor properly, use rubber strips to tighten the visor grip.
  • You can put zip ties parallel to the var of the sun visor.
  • You can use lubricants on the metal bar of the visor.

#2. How do you fix a swivel mount sun visor?

You can fix a swivel mount sun visor in the following ways.

  • Tight all the screws which hold the sun visor in the proper position.
  • You can install a Viso-riser to prevent the swivel mount sun visor from drooping.
  • Use velcro tape
  • Use lubricants

#3. How do you tighten a car visor?

You need first to remove the plastic cover that hides the screws. These screws are essential in holding the sun visor in the proper position. Take a small screwdriver, put it on the head of the screws, and tighten them.


Honda CRV Sun Visor Won't Stay Up


Wrap Up

Most car owners neglect the sun’s visor. But it is an essential component of the car. It obstructs the sunlight effectively, and thus you can comfortably drive on the road.

But sometimes the screws get loose with time, so the visor starts to droop down. You need to tighten all the screws to prevent them from drooping. Simultaneously you can use velcro tapes, lubricants, or a Visor-riser to prevent the car visor from sagging. 

The visor mounts can also get fractured with time. You can buy a sun visor repair kit if you need replacement of mount parts.

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