Hyundai Veloster Rear Door Won’t Open: 5 Reasons Why It Happens

If your Hyundai Veloster rear door won’t open, it can be very bothersome for other passengers in the car. Here’s why it happens and what you can do to fix it.

The car door is essential because it helps get inside and outside the car. But sometimes, the Hyundai Veloster’s rear passenger door does not open.

There can be various possible reasons for it. For instance, metal rods connect the car door to the latch assembly. These are usually plastic rods.

The plastic can get damaged with time, so you face difficulties opening the door. You need to replace the entire door handle to fix the problem.

Hyundai Veloster Rear Door Won't Open

Why Does My Car Door Not Opening From Inside Or Outside?

Imagine you are in an emergency, and the car door is not opening outside and inside. It will be a pretty annoying and frustrating experience for you. Finally, you will get out of the vehicle from the rear door.

Most car owners face this problem. So, we are listing below some common reasons for not opening the door from both outside and inside.

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#1. Door Connection Problems

The most common reason car doors get locked is connection problems in the door latch, which is responsible for opening and closing the car door. You must thoroughly check the locking switch, door lock cylinder, and all the connections. Issues in any of them can result in your car door getting stuck.

You can inspect it by completely opening the car door. If you find any damaged parts, replace them with new ones. Well, if you don’t know much about car components, then take help from a professional mechanic.

#2. Accumulation Of Rust And Dirt

Sometimes dust, dirt, and debris accumulate on the car door, and thus, you find problems in opening the door. Additionally, the components of the lock mechanism can get corroded with time. Hence the door latch becomes jammed, and you cannot open the car door.

Remember, all the door parts are not comprised of stainless steel. So the components not made from stainless steel can rust with time.

Rust can make the latch components weak and may break the latch spring. The door hinge may also become a victim of rust and can break. In such case, your car door will not open.

You need to clean the door components from time to time.

Check the latch components, especially the spring, if your car doesn’t open. If it’s not broken, then purchase oil and lubricate the parts. You can use WD-40 to resolve this problem.

But don’t lubricate the parts instantly. You need to first clean all the dust and dirt from the latch components. If the lube mixes with the dirt, then it will not be much effective in resolving your problem.

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Hyundai Veloster Rear Door Won't Open

#3. Deadlock

Modern cars have a security feature, i.e., a deadlock function, and you cannot open the car door from inside and outside when activated. This technology has been used for more than ten years, making it difficult to open the car door without keys.

Your car can become deadlocked when someone tries to tamper with the vehicle or get inside the car without keys.

If you have keys, you should not worry about the deadlock issue. But if you don’t have keys, you must take a locksmith’s help. He will help you in opening the car door. Additionally, he will make a spare key so that you will not face the same issue when the car is in a deadlock next time.

#4. Lock Is Broken

The vehicle lock can get damaged with time. If you put keys on your car door lock and the door does not open, it indicates an issue with the lock. The car door lock has numerous components. There may be a possibility that only part is damaged and the rest components are working perfectly.

So, inspect the lock thoroughly. If all the components are in bad condition, replace the lock with a new one. It’s easy to install a door lock. However, you can take the help of a locksmith or take your car to the garage for installation.

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#5. The car Door Has Got Damaged

The car door can get damaged after the accident, affecting the door shape badly and changing the structure. Hence some parts may hinder in proper movement of the car door.

The door latch mechanism may also lose connection with the lock assembly. You may also have dents on the car door. So you find problems in opening and closing the car.

We will recommend you visit the garage instantly in this case. The professional mechanic will help you find the dents on the car door and suggest what needs to be done next. He will even inspect the car door lock, and if there is an issue, he will repair it.

How Can I Open The Car Door When It Is Jammed?

You can follow any of the below methods to fix when the car door is jammed from the inside.

#1. Blow Compressed Air Inside The Lock

Putting the keys inside the door lock and it not opening indicates some issue with the lock. Bring a can of compressed air and start blowing inside the lock. Blowing the air will help remove all the dust from the keyhole.

Now spray lubricant like WD-40 inside the keyhole. You can then again put the keys inside the lock and try. The car door can open at this time if there are no issues with the lock cylinder or any other vital components.

#2. Try To Open Other Car Doors

If the first method does not work, try to open other car doors. Sometimes there can be a problem opening the car door on the driver’s side.

There may be no issues with the passenger-side car door. For instance, in SUV, try to open the rear car door. If it opens, you can easily get inside and inspect the car doors of the driver-side car door.

#3. Change The Keys

If you use the same key repeatedly to lock and unlock the car door, it can get damaged with time. So, if you have a spare key, try to open the car door with its help.

Nowadays, the majority of car owners use key fobs. Check its battery if the key fob fails to open the car door. The battery can become loose or worn out with time. Replacing the battery in the key fob may solve the problem.

Hyundai Veloster Rear Door Won't Open

#4. Spray Deicer

Are you staying in pretty chill outside areas or dealing consistently with freezing temperatures? If yes, then the door lock and its components can get frozen, which may be why the car door is not opened.

The problem mainly occurs when water and moisture get inside the car locks. Now, if the environment temperature falls below freezing, then the moisture and water inside the car door turn to ice and prevent the door from opening.

Well, you can spray deicer inside the keyhole. It will help warm up the door lock parts, so you can easily open the door.

Some car owners warm up the car keys by placing the metal tip above the lighter before inserting it in the keyhole.

You can even pour hot water on the rubber seals to melt ice. Another way is to add pressure on the car door. The extra pressure can help in melting the ice.

#5. Child Locks

You will need child locks in most modern cars. They are usually not on the driver-side or front-seat car door.

The child locks are usually present on rear doors. It can activate unknowingly while getting out of the car or keeping the door open.

An engaged child lock prevents the door from opening inside. Well, you can open the door from outside and inspect the locks. Inspect the latch to determine whether the child lock is in the lock position.

You can move them to another position to resolve the problem. Refer to the door stickers to know which position can open the car door lock.

#6. Call Mechanic Professional Or Locksmith

You need to call a professional if none of the above methods work in opening the car door. But it’s crucial to decide whom to call to open the car door. For instance, you must contact the locksmith if you have issues with the door lock. He will have all the essential tools to help open the door.

But if you recently had an accident, it can severely affect the structure of the car door. Some lock parts may hinder the opening and closing of the door. In such cases, you have to take the help of a professional.

How Can I Fix The Car Door That Does Not Open?

#1. Repair The Connections

You have to open the car door and find the issues in the lock assembly. If there are damaged parts, then replace them.

#2. The Door Panel Need To Be Removed

You can remove the car door by using a few tools. Remove the screws from the door handle so that you can investigate the problem in a better way. You will find various electrical connections which are attached to the door panel.

Remove all the connections that are mainly attached to the door panel. You will find a plastic covering on the interior panel.

You must remove that covering to detect any issue hindering you from opening and closing the door. You can look for the shaft, lock motor, or power lock system to find any problem with them.

#3. Take Help From Locksmith

A problem with the locking mechanism can be the reason why the car door doesn’t open from the inside. Try to call a good locksmith. He can help in opening the car without doing much damage to the vehicle.

Hyundai Veloster Rear Door Won't Open

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How do you open a Hyundai door that won’t open?

Hyundai car doors can sometimes get jammed and become difficult for you to open. Well, there are various ways by which you can open the car door.

  • Lubricate the lock assembly components
  • Use compressed air to remove all the dust from the keyhole and then spray lubricant inside it.
  • Take the help of a locksmith or professional mechanic.

#2. Why won’t the back door of my car Open?

The back door of the car may not open because of the following reasons

  • Rust or corrosion on various parts of the lock assembly.
  • Some of the lock assembly’s important parts have worn out with time.
  • The plastic door handle has worn out.

#3. How do you fix a jammed car door that won’t open?

  • You need to lubricate the door latch.
  • Remove the car door by putting the screwdriver on the flat end of the screws. Next, you can check the lock assembly and door lock cylinder. If it’s damaged, then replace the component.
  • Check the child lock, and if you find it’s activated, then deactivate it.
  • You can spray deicer to wan up the lock assembly components. You need to apply this procedure if your car is consistently exposed to below-freezing temperatures.

#4. Why won’t my car door open from the inside or outside?

Your car does not open from the inside or outside for several reasons. We are listing some of them below

  • Poor electrical connections
  • Damaged lock cylinder
  • The car door gets damaged in an accident
  • Rusted parts in the lock assembly
Hyundai Veloster Rear Door Won't Open

Wrap Up

It’s obvious to get frustrated when your car door does not open from both outside and inside. Well, the most common cause for this problem is an issue with lock assembly. Try to call the locksmith as soon as possible He has all the tools and will help open the car door.

At times, the door may be working one way but not the other. There can be several reasons, like activating child locks, built-up ice in the lock assembly, and many more. So, detect the cause and solve it accordingly.

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