Hyundai Remote Start Without Bluelink: How To Remote Start Hyundai Older Models

Is it possible to do Hyundai remote start without Bluelink in older models? Let’s find out!

The remote start feature in Hyundai models is an exciting new addition to the car’s repertoire. It is available only in vehicles purchased after 2021.

But what about older models? The old models can add it as an aftermarket product, but it does not come with all the benefits.

The remote feature is not only easy to use but also convenient. But it’s pretty challenging to get away from the remote feature once acquainted with it.

The article discusses Hyundai remote start without a blue link. So, keep reading this article to know more about the information.

Hyundai Remote Start Without Bluelink

Without Bluelink

The remote start button helps in starting your car within a few seconds. The best thing is you do not need to be nearby your car to start the vehicle.

Some say that this is not a very good feature because it may not be good for security purposes. But this feature is excellent in convenience terms.

This feature was first introduced in 2011 in some high-end and premium models from Hyundai.

After 2021, they introduced it in many models, including Calligraphy and Sonata.

Some car owners whose Hyundai model does not come with remote start features are interested in aftermarket customization. But in such a case, you must be cautious about the warranty.

The aftermarket remote features come with a key fob that you can easily use to start your vehicle by remaining a few distances away.

But try to be in range so your car can easily pick up the radio frequency and then the lock button in the key fob to lock your vehicle and unlock button to unlock your car.

It is undoubtedly convenient access to your Hyundai vehicle, but it does not have extra benefits like the Blue link app.

With Bluelink

You can make your car start by using the Blue link, so there is no need to keep extra keys to start the car.

Again, all car owners want their Hyundai vehicles to be set at the correct temperature on harsh summer days or cold winters.

The remote start feature in the blue link will help you do it in just a few seconds.

But for this, you must install the Blue link application on your smartphone.

Additionally, you need to have an active Blue link account for various settings of your car, including temperature settings.

So, open the Blue link app on your phone, and then you need to tap on the remote start icon.

You can access features like remote climate control, front defroster, and how long you wish to run the car.

There are even other features that you can look into, like payment and finance options. So, in short, the Blue link app is much more than starting and stopping a vehicle.

Once you do all the settings, press the submit button, and then you will move to another page where you have to give the password selected by you before. You will then visualize that the request is an end to your vehicle.

After a few seconds, you will get a confirmation that the vehicle recognized your request and is under process.

But remember, your car must be in parking condition, and all trunks and hoods must be closed.

Additionally, your vehicle should be kept in a well-ventilated area while operating the remote start button.

Advantages Of Using Remote Start

1. Convenience

You need to push the button, and your Hyundai vehicle will start within a few seconds.

2. Car Protection

You can start your car by tapping the remote button, which is also a few meters away from the vehicle.

It will help warm up the engine and the oil, which is good before driving.

3. Work Wonders In Extreme Weather

If you are staying in an extremely hot or cold climate, then you can set the car temperature before stepping inside it.

Your vehicle will be at the perfect temperature while getting inside the car.

Disadvantages Of Remote Start

1. Cost

The remote start, mainly with the Blue link, is costly. If you are taking a subscription plan, it may cost you up to $200 per year.

The cars equipped with remote start have Blue link service free for three years, and after that, you need to take a subscription plan.

2. Wastage Of Gas

If you leave the car running for a long time, there will be a waste of gases that can cause pollution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you remote start Hyundai with key?

Yes, you can remotely start a Hyundai with a key from certain models.
On certain models, such as the Santa Fe and Sonata, you can install a remote start system through the dealership.
This will allow you to remotely start your car using the fob that comes with the vehicle.
Other models may not be compatible with a remote start system and require aftermarket systems purchased online or at an automotive store.

Is Hyundai getting rid of Bluelink?

No, Hyundai is not getting rid of Bluelink.
Instead, they are upgrading the service by adding more features, such as remote start and unlock capabilities directly from your smartphone or web browser.
As well as adding additional features that help customers have a seamless driving experience.
Hyundai is also launching an improved mobile app to take advantage of the technology and give drivers greater control over their vehicles.

Can I install Bluelink in my car?

Yes, Bluelink is available for installation in select car models from Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis.
To install it, you need to have an internet connection, an OBD-II port, and some hardware.
Your car should have Bluetooth facility in it. You will also need a compatible smartphone.
If all of this is available, you can start installing Bluelink.

Can I start my Hyundai with my phone?

Yes, it is possible to start recent Hyundai car models with your phone. Hyundai launched the “Digital Key” system, which lets customers remotely lock and unlock car doors.,
It is also possible to start the car remotely from your phone, a la James Bond.
You will need to have a compatible Android or iOS smartphone and an internet connection.
To set it up, download Hyundai’s app, register your car on it, and then connect it to the Digital Key app within your vehicle.


Remote start is an excellent feature in terms of convenience.

But remember, it’s a bit expensive, and everyone can’t buy a subscription plan for remote start with a blue link.

In such cases, you can use a remote key fob for locking and unlocking your car.

You need to weigh the pros and cons and decide whether you need a remote start with or without a blue link to start and stop your vehicle.

Thank you for reading this article. You might also want to check how to start a Camaro without ticking off the alaram.

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