Do Magnetic Phone Mounts Damage Credit Cards

Do magnetic phone mounts damage credit cards? No, their magnets are not strong enough to cause any significant damage. Read on to know all about it.

Magnetic phone mounts are necessary to access maps and get a sense of direction while driving if your car doesn’t have an inbuilt navigation system. Mounting your phone at the dashboard allows you to access the voice assistant and make calls safely.

Another necessity these days is a credit card. Whether we go shopping or pay for our food at a restaurant, we do that with our credit cards. On the back of a credit card, a magnetic stripe or a chip allows you to access your account and make payment when you swipe the card at a card reader machine.

Credit cards come with an expiry date. It is because the magnetic strip on the back of the card deteriorates over time, and with every swipe, your credit card wears down.

Carrying mobile phones and credit cards separately seems like a hassle. Keeping your phone and cards in a single place is much more convenient. Many people choose to buy a phone case with slots for keeping credit cards and cash.

However, keeping your cell phone and credit card together and mounting the phone on a magnetic phone mount gives rise to a significant concern. It is a known fact that magnets have a tendency to damage the data on a credit card. But do magnetic phone mounts damage credit cards? Are the magnets in the phone mounts able to do harm to credit card data? Let’s find out in detail in the article below.


Do Magnetic Phone Mounts Damage Credit Cards


Do Magnetic Phone Mounts Damage Credit Cards?

It is a scientifically known fact that exposure to a magnet has the ability to damage the data stored in the magnetic stripe or chip of the credit card. A magnetic exposure can altogether remove the information stored on a credit card or harm it in a way that a card reader will not be able to access it.

However, whether or not a magnet will damage a credit card depends upon the duration of exposure of a credit card to the magnetic field and the strength of the magnetic field. 

A magnetic phone mount has a very small strength magnet that does not have a strong magnetic field, and short term exposure to it won’t affect your credit card.

However, since you will be using the magnetic Mount frequently, your credit card will be exposed to the magnetic field for a longer duration. It is not safe, and your credit card can get damaged. 

If you are going to use a magnetic phone mount, then do not keep your credit cards in the phone case.

Does Magic Mount interfere with wireless charging?

Magic Mount is a magnetic mounting system that lets you mount your cell phone to different surfaces. The most popular use of a magic mount is in the car to access the map on the smartphone. For using a magic mount, you need to attach a metal plate to the back of your smartphone. Just bring your phone near the magnetic Mount, and your phone will lock to the Mount. 

One primary concern with using a magic mount is, does magnetic phone mount affect wireless charging?

Whether a magic mount will interfere with wireless charging or not depends upon the placement of the metal plate on the back of your phone. If you choose to place the metal plate in the middle of the back of your phone, then wireless charging will be affected. However, if you put the metal plate on the top or bottom part of your phone, there won’t be an issue with your phone’s wireless charging. Since most phones that support wireless charging have a charging coil in the middle portion, thus keeping the metal plate away from that region allows wireless charging.


Do Magnetic Phone Mounts Damage Credit Cards


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wirelessly charge a phone that has a metal plate for a magnetic mount attached?

One of the common questions asked by magnetic mount users is- does magnetic phone mount affect wireless charging. Charging a phone wirelessly that has a metal plate for magnetic Mount attached is possible if the metal plate doesn’t come between the charger and the phone. 

Most phones that support wireless charging have the charging coil placed in the middle of the phone. You can put it either at the top or bottom of the cell phone. If you want to attach a metal plate for a magnetic mount to the cell phone, then attach the plate away from the center.

 However, in some phones and wireless chargers, you need to remove the metal plate if you want to charge the phone wirelessly. Attaching the metal plate can cause some interference and won’t allow the phone to charge properly.


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Are magnetic car mounts bad for your phone?

Magnetic car mounts are essential for cars that don’t have an inbuilt navigation system. With the help of a magnetic car mount, you can mount your phone on the dashboard of your vehicle to get step-by-step directions to someplace. Having your phone in front of you also allows you to use your cell phone for calls or its voice assistant feature. 

With that being said, there is a concern that most of us ponder upon while using a magnetic car mount. Are magnetic car mounts bad for your phone? The answer is no. The magnetic car mounts are not bad for your phone.

The magnetic field produced by the magnetic car mount is small and has low intensity, which does not affect or damage your phone in any way. Even your smartphone has magnets inside in several parts like speakers and cameras.

The only problem with magnetic car mounts is that you need to attach a metal plate to the back of your cell phone, which might interfere with your phone’s wireless charging.

Is it OK to use a magnetic phone holder?

Yes, it is OK to use a magnetic phone holder. There is a general misconception about magnetic phone holders that magnets in the magnetic Mount will damage your phone or interfere with the signals. However, that is not true. While magnets do cause interference and might even damage a cell phone, it needs to be very powerful for a magnet to cause any significant harm. 

Magnets in magnetic phone holders are small and have low magnetic strength, and they don’t cause any harm to your cell phone. You can use a magnetic mount to hold your phone, and it is perfectly safe.



Magnetic Phone Mounts Don’t Damage Your Credit Cards.

Carrying our smartphones and credit cards is a necessity these days as our lives have become entirely dependent on these. We often carry cash, credit cards, and our cellphone all in the same case.

If there is no built-in navigation system in your car, you know how vital magnetic car mounts are. Whether to look at the map for directions or to call someone, we need our phones and what is better than a magnetic mount to keep your phone right is in front of you. 

Using a magnetic phone mount while keeping credit cards in the cell phone case raises some concerns. Do magnetic phone mounts damage credit cards? 

Answering this question is not that simple, and we have explained in detail what factors are responsible for the damage of a credit card with exposure to a magnetic field.

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