What Year S10 Has Rear Disc Brakes?

Not all models of the S10 series of Chevrolet have rear disc brakes. Let’s find out what year S10 has rear disc brakes in it.

Rear Disc brakes became a fad in the market when all the big companies started using them in their cars in the mid 20th century.

Chevrolet was one of them. Not all models of the S10 series of Chevrolet have rear disc brakes.

Let us learn more about the Chevy S10 series and rear disc brakes and find out which models of S10 do have rear disc brakes.


What Year S10 Has Rear Disc Brakes


All You Need To Know About S10 Series Of Chevrolet

The Chevrolet S10 was first launched in 1981 as a quarter-ton pickup truck. The truck is compact in shape with an open cargo. The Chevrolet S10 was the first car of this type manufactured within America by the three American automakers. 

There have been various modifications to the first model of 1982. Some of the modified versions were GMC Sonoma, GMC Syclone, SUV, etc. All of these were together known as the S-series.

The series of cars were replaced in 2004 in America by Chevrolet Colorado. 

First Generation S10 Chevy

The first generation S10 Cars were launched in 1981 and were popularly called GMC S-15 and GMC Sonoma. The base engine was a 1.9 Isuzu cylinder with a LUV. 

A series of modified versions of the car was released, including Sonoma GT (1992), Sonoma (1993), and Syclone (1991).

The Sonoma GT replaced the Syclone as it was well-equipped and was low priced compared to Syclone. However, it had few unique features, including multi-port fuel injection present in the center. 

It also had a 4L60 automatic transistor and used a gearing system with a ratio of 3.42:1 to prevent slipping.

The company made only one modification to the already existing Sonoma GT to make the newer version, Sonoma. GM changed the engine to the L-35 W code engine. However, the performance was not widely marketed and was sold as a limited edition.

Syclone was the earliest variant of the S10, produced in a small number of 2998 units. It had an LB4 V6 that came with an intercooler system. It had all dive wheels, and its engine generated power of 280 HP.

Second Generation S10 Chevy

The second-generation S10 pickup cars had modified exteriors and were primarily sold in South America. The platform for the second generation was GMT325. And it was sold in North America as Isuzu Hombre.

The second-generation used an L35 W-code V6 engine of 4.3 L. GM manufactured and sold in Brazil for a significant time as S10, which Chevrolet Colorado recently replaced.

The Isuzu Hombre had a significantly different exterior from other S10 cars. However, one drawback of the vehicle was its limited equipment options, which was better in the first generation versions like Sonoma GT. 

Other variants of the second generation included Crew Cab(2004), Restyling (1998), ZR5, SS, and ZR2.

ThirdGeneration S10 Chevy

The Chevrolet first introduced the third generation of the S10 Chevrolet in Brazil in 2012. They later sold it in Mexico and some countries across America and the Caribbean. 

The new generation used a Duramax diesel engine of 2.8 L, which provided a horsepower of 180.

In some generation variants, the LCV Ecotec engine was used, which provided direct fuel injection. 

Its platform was the GMT31XX, and it was replaced by an SUV known as the Chevrolet Trailblazer.


What Year S10 Has Rear Disc Brakes


All You Need to Know About Rear Disc Brakes

What Is A Rear Disc Brake?

A rear disc brake is a simple disc brake for the wheels in the front, which ceases your car’s movement. 

A disc brake has three main components that are calipers, brake pads, and rotors.

The brake pads are responsible for causing friction that is required to stop the car. 

The calipers are attached to the wheels of the automobile. It generates a hydraulic pressure that pushes the rotor against the brake pads to stop your car. 

How Does A Rear Disc Brake Work?

A rear disc brake, a brake pad, a rotor, and a caliper work together to operate efficiently. Calipers usually work with pistons, where a floating caliper contains a single piston that pushes the brake pad against the rotor when you apply your car’s brakes. A fixed caliper will force two pistons with the brake fluid. The two pistons will push the brake pad

A floating caliper operates by compressing itself while the fixed caliper does not move. 

Rotors are an essential part of a disc brake connected to each front wheel in case of a rear disc brake. The rotor works with the brake pad to convert the kinetic energy of a moving vehicle into thermal energy. 

The conversion creates friction that, in turn, helps to stop the car.

To sum up the whole process, the moment you apply the brakes, your car’s calipers let the brake fluid push the pistons due to hydraulic pressure. 

This pressure creates friction between a brake pad and the rotor. Then your car ceases to move due to conflict.


What Year S10 Has Rear Disc Brakes


Answers To More Questions On Rear Disc Brakes

What year did GM start using rear disc brakes?

GM started manufacturing trucks with rear disc brakes in 1999. The modification was appreciated by the buyers, which meant that for the next five years, GM used these brakes almost exclusively in its cars. Finally, in 2004, GM started introducing Drum brakes back to their cars.

When did disk brakes become standard?

The concept of disc brakes started in the 1890s and became patented in 1902. However, it was not until the 1950s that big companies started manufacturing automobiles with rear disc brakes on a large scale. It got popularized in the 1960s. The first U.S car with a rear disc brake was Studebaker Avanti.

It became a standard part of the automobile industry in 1965.

What year did Chevy put disc brakes on trucks?

Chevy or Chevrolet first introduced rear disc brakes in their automobiles in 1972, when the disc brakes were already established in the market.

Do 18 wheelers have disc brakes?

Eighteen-wheelers do not use disc brakes. Instead, they mainly use air brakes and rear drum brakes. 

Chevy S10 Introduced Disc Brakes Much Later.

Chevrolet started using disc brakes in 1972, but it took a long time to use them in their light-duty pickup trucks. 

The first S10 series truck to have a rear disc brake was probably the Sonoma GT, a first-generation S10 model of 1982.

Models of S10 that have rear disc brakes are GMC, Sonoma, Blazer, etc. drum brakes partially replaced rear disc brakes after 2005.

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