What Does it Mean if Tail Light Goes Out When Brake Applied?

In this article, we will look at why tail light goes out when brake applied sometimes. 

Tail Lights are an imperative organ in an automobile. They ensure safety since they convey signals about slowing down, making a halt, or driving at night to the drivers behind your vehicle. There are so many threads on the internet discussing this tail light problem because, yes, it is that damn omnipresent.

Tail Lights last for several years. However, to save oneself, it is best to check on them at least once a year and to be aware of and damages. This article will look at the possible reasons why tail light goes out when brake applied sometimes, and help you understand how to fix it. 


Tail Light Goes Out When Brake Applied

Why Do My Tail Lights Go Out When I Hit the Brakes?

Your taillights may go out when the brakes are applied or otherwise because of one of the following reasons. 

Broken Earthing

Trailing light or tail light going out when the brakes are applied can be a grounding problem. It so happens that all ground connections are not making good contact with bare metal or a broken earth connection in the light cluster. In a situation like this, when the brake pedal is pressed, and the taillights happen to be turned on, the tail light will go out. The increased amperage drawn is responsible for the taillights getting off. 

Broken Tail Light Lense

Although this is a relatively rare occurrence, the tail light lenses might have cracked or broken. Because of this crack, water can enter the lens and burn out the bulb. 

Can I get pulled over for a tail light out?

Yes, the traffic officer can legally pull you for the dysfunctional tail light of your vehicle. The citation you receive will read ‘broken trailer light’ or ‘no trailer light,’ which are both punishable offenses. 


Tail Light Goes Out When Brake Applied

What Would Cause Both Tail Lights Not To Work?

A blown-out fuse can be responsible for both the tail lights not working. 

How To Fix Your Car Tail Light Bulbs?

While taking the car to the mechanic is always an option, you can attempt changing the tail lights on your own at less than even half of the price. Continue reading ahead to discover how. 

Step 1: Try and figure out the problem. 

Check the fuse. Tail Light bulbs get dysfunctional preponderantly owing to the fuse blowing out. Locate the fuse box in your vehicle, and it is generally under the dashboard. Consult the user manual to help figure out the same. Ensure that the ignition is off and take the cover off for the fuse box.

Step 2: Examine the tail bulb wiring. 

Try and figure out if there is anything wrong with the wiring. Check for loose wires or burnt-out, faulty wires. 

Step 3: Examine the tail light bulbs. 

Unscrew the tail light lenses if needed. Unscrew the tail light lamps and examine their filament to see if they are the problem. If this happens to be the problem, use some bulb grease and insert the new tail bulb. Insert the tail bulb assembly back into its original position. 


Tail Light Goes Out When Brake Applied

Step 4: Examine the tail light lenses. 

Last but not least, cracked tail light lenses might also be the problem. If damaged, they will have to be replaced at the earliest to avoid further damage. 

If needed, repeat the same on the other side for the other tail light bulb. 

Are Tail Lights and Brake Lights the Same Bulb?

The taillights and brake lights are situated under the same globe but aren’t the same in many cars. The taillights are red, and the brake lights are another shade of red, a brighter one. 

Why Does the Brake Light Go Out When the Brake Is Pressed?

Another problem that may surface apart from the tail light going off is that the brake light turns off when braking. 

Bad Brake Light Switch

A bad brake light switch can be responsible for this, and this is even likelier when all the brake lights go out simultaneously. Analog switches tend to wear out over time, and their efficiency decreases. Replacing the switch would be the most straightforward solution, and your mechanic can help you with it. 

Burnt Out Bulb

A burnt-out bulb is another possible reason for the lights going off. With older vehicles, one can easily replace this bulb on their own with a toolkit and a new bulb. 


Tail Light Goes Out When Brake Applied

How To Identify a Faulty Brake Light Switch?

The Brake Lights stay illuminated continuously.

If the brake lights stay illuminated even when the brakes aren’t engaged, there is likely a short in the electrical circuit within the rear brake light switch. 

The car isn’t getting turned on.

An event in which the car does not turn on is likely to happen in automobiles with keyless ignition. If the car doesn’t start after pressing on the brake pedal, it should because the brake light switch isn’t sending the necessary signals to get the car turned on. For resolving this issue, reach out to a car repair agency or dealer.

ABS Warning Light

If the ABS light turns on, it can signify multiple signals, such as the brake fluid is low or breaking. One of the reasons for the ABS Warning Light can also be the faulty brake light switch. 


Tail Light Goes Out When Brake Applied

What Happens When the Brake Light Switch Is Dysfunctional?

In cars with a push-button start, a dysfunctional brake light switch can cause the vehicle not to start at all. 

Also, you cannot legally drive without working brake lights in your vehicle, and you will be pulled out and penalized as per the law if you drive with dysfunctional brake lights. 

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