What Size C Clamp For Brakes

If you are wondering What size C clamp for brakes should you use, you can get all your answers here.

During the repairing of our vehicles, we often hear the term C-clamp and might have wondered- what is a C-clamp for brakes? 

C clamps are a versatile piece of tools that we use in a variety of works. Apart from automotive, you can also use a C clamp for woodwork

Brakes are one of the essential parts of your vehicle. Having good quality brakes is essential for the safe driving of any vehicle. Whether to stop at your destination or bring the vehicle to a halt in an emergency, we depend on brakes. 

It is always better to have your brakes checked regularly and pay attention to any symptoms regarding brake issues. It is important to keep them in great condition to avoid any unpleasant scenarios. 

Keeping your brakes in good condition is easy if you own a C clamp. Selecting what size c clamp for brakes is where the confusion arises. In this article, we discuss what size C clamps are suitable for brakes.


What Size C Clamp For Brakes

What SIze C Clamp For Brakes

The most suitable C clamp size for brakes is either 6 inches or 8 inches. Here the inches indicate how wide the opening of the clamp would be.

C clamps are available in many different sizes. Selecting the size depends on the work that you need it for.

With regular use, brakes become loose over time, and this leads to them not working properly. Like any other part of a vehicle, brakes wear out too and need repair or replacement. 

These two situations are where you would need a C clamp for brakes. You can use the C clamps to tighten the brakes when they become loose and replace them when they get defective. 

Choosing the C clamp suitable for your vehicle can be confusing as the clamps are available in different sizes, materials, and qualities. You may be wondering- what size C clamp for the brake caliper to choose.


What Size C Clamp For Brakes

What To Look For In A C Clamp For Brakes

While selecting a C Clamp for brakes, you need to weigh several factors. Let us discuss them in detail.


The main factor you need to consider while selecting a C clamp is determining for what purpose you need the C clamp. A C-clamp not just serves the purpose of tightening or changing your brake pads but can be used for various works. It is one of the most versatile clamps that you can get. I

If you need a clamp for DIY projects like changing your vehicle brake pads or compressing brake calipers, then you don’t need a high-end C clamp. Any C clamp will do. But if you are a mechanic, then having a good set of C-clamps is a must.


The next factor that you would need to determine would be the size of the C clamp. You can find a C clamp from 1 inch to 12 inches. The inches are an indicator of how wide the opening of the clamp would be. You can also say that the inches are the clamping capacity of the C clamp. 


The metal used in the making of the C clamp determines its durability and strength. Since C clamps serve various purposes, they are available in different materials to be cost-effective for a work that needs less strength. 

Clamps with zinc and chrome plating are durable and last long. However, the material used in making a C clamp is a factor that may result in high pricing.


What Size C Clamp For Brakes

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a C-clamp on a brake caliper?

While driving a vehicle, there are times when we realize that the brakes are not releasing to their full capacity when we remove our feet from the pedal. Facing this situation can be dangerous for you and your vehicle. 

Other than this, when you press on the brake, your car can go in a completely different direction, and that would be scary for anyone behind the wheels. 

Problems like this indicate that there is something wrong with the brake calipers. You should never ignore such problems as if something is wrong with the calipers, and it can lead to failure of brakes, leaving you in a dangerous situation.

Most of the time, these problems are related to the compression issue of brake calipers. It is not that big of an issue, and you can solve the problem on your own with the right technique and tools. All you will need is a C-clamp and follow the procedure.

  • Look inside the brake caliper, and you will find a cylindrical-shaped piston that adjusts itself over time with the brake pad. If you have changed your old brake pad, then you would need to adjust the piston. 
  • Before compressing the caliper, make sure to adjust the piston over the brake rotor to its right position and according to the new brake pads. 
  • Do not forget to remove the cap from the brake fluid reservoir. When you are compressing the brake caliper, you will feel pressure from the brake fluid.
  • Now take the C-clamp and place its ends against the cylindrical piston and above the caliper and adjust the screw of the C-clamp over it.
  • Make sure that you protect the surface of the piston by using a wood piece.
  • Turn the screw on your C-clamp in a gentle motion. This will apply pressure on the piston and compress the caliper as per your requirement.
  • Keep pressing till you reach a position where you can insert the new brake pads on the caliper. Now join the brake pads and the caliper on top of the brake rotor.
  • The compressing of the caliper is done using a C-clamp. To avoid any dirt entering the brake fluid reservoir, place the cap back on it.

You need to keep in mind that front brake calipers and rear brake calipers are different from each other, and you would need a different approach to compress them. For compressing rear brake calipers, you would need a dowel road or a flat head screwdriver.


What Size C Clamp For Brakes

Do you need C clamps to change brake pads?

Yes, if you are planning on changing your vehicle’s brake pads on your own, then you will need C-clamps for that. But in case you don’t have one, you can use a vise


Brakes are a vital part of your vehicle that become loose over time or need changing brake pads. For that, you would need a C clamp. C clamps are a versatile tool that we use for various works, and thus there is a wide range of C clamps available in different sizes, materials, and strengths. 

If you are looking to buy one for yourself, it can confuse what size C clamp for brakes to buy. I hope you have found the solution to this dilemma with the article above.

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