What Size Line Wrench For Power Steering Hose?

What size line wrench for power steering hose should you use? Don’t get confused; read on to find out more!

It is important to use the correct set of tools while doing a job like replacing the power steering hose. A box or set of wrench comes with different types of spanners which are of different sizes.

Although the maker’s intention was not to confuse you, you get confused the moment you try to decide which wrench to use. 

You need to use a wrench of the correct size; otherwise, it could cause slippage and make the task more difficult. Lets us find out how to choose the correct size for power steering a hose. 


What Size Line Wrench For Power Steering Hose

All You Need to Know about Wrench and Line Wrench

Before getting into the size of a wrench, we first need to have some knowledge about them.

A wrench, also known as a spanner, is a tool that provides grip and mechanical advantage when torque is applied to turn objects such as nuts or bolts. 

A wrench is a second-class lever, where the load is in between fulcrum and applied force.

Good quality wrenches are made from chromium-vanadium alloy steels and are drop-forged

Chrome-plating provides resistance to corrosion in the wrenches. It also makes them easier to clean. 

One interesting fact about wrenches is that their users have been traced by historians as far back as the 15th century. In contrast, the mid 19th century gave rise to patented spanners that included patented monkey wrenches and others.

Types of Wrenches Available in the Market

Wrenches are useful simple machines that come in handy while repairing or constructing any item. Standard types of wrenches include 

  • Pipe wrench
  • Chain wrench
  • Socket wrench
  • Torque wrench
  • Ratcheting Wrench
  • Oil Filter Wrench
  • Combination wrench
  • Line wrench
  • Impact Wrench
  • Crowfoot Wrench.

A special type of wrench is the adjustable wrench. These wrenches are applied to the bottom of the nut’s head, and can adjust their size to most nut sizes, as different from regular wrenches that are one-size fit only. 

This wrench is the solution to your problem of searching for the perfect wrench size for a particular job.

On the other hand, a line wrench is used for gripping the nuts on the ends of tubes such as hose pipes. Line Wrench has a narrow opening that is wide enough to allow the wrench to fit over the fastener.

It has thick jaws to increase the contact area with the nut. 


What Size Line Wrench For Power Steering Hose

How Can I Measure the Size of My Wrench and Know Which Wrench to Use?

To measure the size of a wrench, you need to measure the width across flats.

You could easily measure that by measuring the distance between two parallel surfaces on the screw or bolt’s head which you are trying to remove. 

The width across flats of the fastener has to be the same as that on the tool. The size of the wrench is usually inscribed on its flat surface. 

If your screw or bolt is hidden, then you need to figure out its size by checking your car instruction manual or else talking to a garage.

How to Use A Line Wrench to Replace Power Steering Hose in Vehicles

You need to apply a slightly different process and have few additional items for different models of vehicles. But the fundamental steps are the same for all models. 

  • In the first step, you need to place a plastic container under the power steering pump present  at the firewall.
  • The pump will drain the contents of the hose into the container.
  • Then, use your line wrench to loosen the input hose nut and pull the hose away from the power steering pump. 
  • Keep the hose and pump into the plastic container for a few minutes to drain the excess fluid.
  • To continue, you would need to unfasten the bolt of the hose pipe to replace it.
  • Then simply re-fasten the bolt to secure it.  
  • At last, you should remove the cap of the pump to fill the new one.


What Size Line Wrench For Power Steering Hose

Safety Measures To Follow While Working with Wrenches

While the wrench is one of the simplest tools, it sometimes can cause a few hazards. To avoid them, we must follow these safety tips.

  • You should  use an appropriate wrench for a particular work. You should always check the jaw size of a wrench before using it otherwise it would slip.
  • You should always sit in a position that will ensure balance and prevent any injury in case of slippage of the wrench.
  • The jaw of the wrench should be covering the complete surface of the fastener (bolts or nuts).
  • You should turn the adjustable jaw of the wrench opposite to the fixed one.
  • You should avoid pulling on a wrench in fast and jerky movements.
  • You should always clean and place tools and wrenches to avoid corrosion and slippage.

Some More Questions About Working With Wrenches On Power Steering.

What size is the power steering line?

You would require a line wrench with a 28-inch inlet side and half an inch outside diameter wrench for the power steering hose.

Can you remove the power steering hose?

Yes, with the help of a few items like plastic containers and a wrench, you can easily remove the power steering hose.


What Size Line Wrench For Power Steering Hose

Can you splice a power steering pressure hose?

Yes, you can splice such a hose by cutting it at the leak point and installing a coupler designed for high-pressure situations.

Can you replace the power steering line with a hose?

Yes, you can replace the power steering hose with a line wrench. Follow the steps mentioned earlier to do so. 

What Size Line Wrench For Power Steering Hose Should I Use? Usually, 16mm or 18mm.

You would need a 16mm line wrench at the pump and probably an 18mm wrench for the rack for a standard hose. 

But there is no particular size of spanner that will be fit for all the hoses. In this situation, an adjustable wrench could be a lifesaver as its length can be modified easily based on the tightener like nuts and bolts.

Make sure to follow safety protocols and avoid accidents while working with wrenches.

Happy Driving!


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