What Does it Mean if Reverse Lights Come On When Brakes Applied?

Does your vehicle’s reverse lights come on when brakes applied? If yes, read this content to know more about the issue.

If you love driving and regularly use your car, you know that every light in the car has its functionality and importance. Not using them right can cause accidents on the roads. One of the issues some come across while driving their cars is Reverse Lights Come On When Brakes are Applied. In this article, you will get to know the reasons and how to address this issue. 

Before talking about Reverse Lights Coming On When Brakes are applied, let us see what Reverse lights are: 


Reverse Lights Come On When Brakes Applied


How To Check if My Reverse Lights Are Working?

If you want to check if your reverse lights are working, you can turn the ignition switch on without starting it and place the transmission on reverse mode to keep the parking brake on. If you do not keep the parking brake on, it may cause a mishap. Once you do all these, check at the reverse lights, you will find them illuminated. 

Does your vehicle require a reverse light?

Yes, in the United States, every vehicle should have one or two reverse lights in the rear. These lights are white.

Did your Reverse Lights Come On When Brakes Applied

The reverse lights and brake lights are in the same place as the vehicle. In general, when the functionality of the car connections is perfect, this should not happen. But if your reverse lights come on when brakes are applied, then there must be something wrong with the circuit connection of lights in the vehicle. This can also be because of a faulty reverse gear switch of the vehicle. It can also be because of faulty connection and faulty bulb.


Reverse Lights Come On When Brakes Applied

What Should You Do When Reverse Lights Turn On When Brakes Are Applied?

You may have to replace the bulb of the vehicle. After replacing the bulb, if the problem pertains, then it is a sensor issue. When this happens, meet the mechanic to address the switch. The mechanic will understand the root of the issue and either interchange the faulty connections of the bulbs. If the switch has gone wrong, then he may correct the faulty switch and rectify these issues.

If you are looking into making changes to the housing of the reverse light in your vehicle, then make a new addition by replacing the bulb with an LED bulb for the following reasons:

  1. Adds new appearance to your vehicle: When the lights are replaced with LED bulbs, they will add a new look to the vehicle. Also, when the lights are on, they give a uniform look to the vehicle. 
  2. Enhances the vision on the rear for the driver: A driver uses the reverse light to illuminate the road while backing up the vehicle. Even though there is a rearview camera, it is an advantage but does not cover a wider area, especially during snow, rain, and fog, which may lead to an accident. In such situations, LED lights will illuminate the road better and improve the drivers’ vision on the road.
  3. Enhances the visibility helping the pedestrians and other traffic: It benefits the one driving the vehicle and those who are on the road, indicating them that they have to move away from the vehicle. 

How To Replace the Bulbs Yourself When You Have Housing Issues Where the Reverse Light Turns On When the Brake Is Applied?

Go through the vehicle’s manual on how the vehicle’s housing works and how to replace the bulbs of your vehicle. Get a new bulb for the safe side, as there can be an internal bulb issue along with the housing issues. 

You can find an enclosed compartment in the liftgate interior side or inside the trunk of the vehicle. You can open the compartment using a screwdriver or by removing snaps. Once you open the compartment, keep the cover aside, twist the bulb, and remove it from the housing. You can see that the wiring is still connected, which can be popped out of the socket with a tug. Repeat the same to replace with mismatched housing and bulbs and place the cover back to shut the compartment. 

Once you finish doing it, test these lights if they are working the right way. 


Reverse Lights Come On When Brakes Applied

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are brake lights and backup lights the same? 

No brake lights and backup lights are not the same. Brake lights indicate to other drivers that you are either slowing down your vehicle. These lights turn on when brakes are applied. When pressure is applied to the brake pedal, it will supply the power, and these luminous red lights turn on. These are one of the safety functions of the car. 

Similarly, Reverse lights are also for safety. These lights are mounted on the vehicle’s rear and illuminate when reverse gear is on. Though the bulbs for backup lights are simple, they give out a good amount of light when reversing the vehicle. 

What makes reverse lights come on?

A switch is connected to the mechanism of the gear selector. When you apply the reverse gear, the switch will complete the circuit and turn the reverse lights on. 

What are Reverse Lights?

These lights are also known as backup lights. The driver uses these reverse lights to warn the people and other vehicles around their car when they are moving backward. 

The lights give an illumination when the car seems to be backing up. On all the standard vehicles, reverse lights are white based on some regulations. 

What are the advantages of reverse light?

  • A safety feature to keep the driver and others on the road. 
  • Serves as a caution for those who drive behind you.
  • It will help the driver not to receive a ticket when they are working well.
  • These will also illuminate a low-light area when you want to reverse your car.


Reverse Lights Come On When Brakes Applied

Wrap Up

Buying a new vehicle is as important as maintaining it right. Before you start your vehicle, ensure that all the parts are working right. If anyone of the parts has an issue, address them at the earliest. Lighting issues are major ones as they help you have a safe night’s drive. Hope this article will help you address the reverse light turning on when the brake is applied. Have a safe ride!


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