F 150 Interior Lights Wont Turn On: 4 Reasons Why This Happens

Are your F 150’s dome lights, map lights, courtesy lights, or ambient lighting not turning on? Discover how to solve this issue with our expert tips and techniques.

If you drive a Ford F-150, you might have faced a few issues with the lights inside your car. 

There are times when you open the door, and the automatic lights do not turn on, or sometimes even when you are trying the light switch on. 

This can become a real problem while driving your car at night. 

Today, let us tell you a few things about the interior lights in your F-150 and what you should do if they are not working. Read on to find out. 

F 150 Interior Lights Wont Turn On

Ford F-150 Interior Lights – Things You Should Know About

If you are a Ford Truck fanatic, you know that these trucks have done a few updates with their lighting systems over the past few years. 

The recent models have LED lights for individual lights in the car, including dash lights and parking lights. 

These lights are the more energy-efficient option that provides ambient lighting and higher illumination.

There are a lot of registered users who switch to LED lights after a few months. 

This could be because of the existing issues with the installed lights or a personal preference. 

Either way, many F-150 users have complained about problems with interior lights or dimmer switches and sometimes the headlights. 

Why Are There Issues With Interior Lights?

There are a few different reasons why the interior lights of your car may not be working. 

When you open the car doors and find the lights still off, you should know that the problem could be with the individual lights or the switch. 

Figuring out the particular problem can help you fix it when you are taking it for maintenance. 

Here are a few reasons that the interior lights are not working in your car:

Blown fuse

One of the most common reasons that the interior lights in your car are not working is because of a blown fuse. 

If the fuse and fuse box is not properly grounded, it can easily damage and affect the lights. 

Sometimes it can be an issue with individual lights, but in case of a blown fuse, all the lights will stop working. 

Lack of power

When the lighting system is not getting enough power from the car’s battery, the interior lights might stop working. 

The problem could be with the internal electrical system or if there are any issues with the bulbs. 

This can also happen when you use aftermarket bulbs for the interior lighting.  

Fuse box problems

The fuse box in a car has multiple fuses that are attached to the different components in the car. 

If the fuse box has any kind of issues, has been damaged by leaking water, or there is damage from debris. 

If any of the fuses blow due to circuit damage,  it will obviously affect the lighting system. 

Wiring issues

One of the basic problems that people face with lighting systems in their cars is because of wiring issues. 

When you are installing new lights or replacing any of the bulbs, you will notice that some of the lights are not turning on.

This could be due to broken wires that have occurred during the replacement of the light bulbs. 

How To Fix The Problem?

If you are looking for solutions to your interior car lights problem, the best idea is to get the lighting system checked by a qualified technician. 

They can point out the problem easily and suggest the required repair. But if you are trying to get a basic fix at home, here are a few things you can do.  

Use the door control buttons

The control buttons of the doors also have interior light control buttons. Try using the switch when the interior lights are not turning on automatically. 

If the switch has been stuck for some reason, it can affect the lights turning on and off. 

There is also an ajar light that turns on when you open the door slightly. Operating this switch from the console can also turn the lights on. 

Adjust the interior lighting

If the interior lights are not working in your car, try to use the dimmer switch to decrease the intensity of the lights. 

If the lights are using lesser power from the battery, it might help with keeping the cabin lights on. 

Try to use an ambient lighting switch located on the left of the steering wheel. 

Decrease the overall lighting

If you are decreasing the overall lighting of the car, including the dome lights and dash lights, there is a chance your interior lights will start working. 

Check the light settings to their lowest, which manages the lighting level for the rest of the car. 

It also works well for the battery as there will be less power drawn by the lighting system of the car. 

Should The Lights Be Replaced?

If you are facing too much trouble with the interior lights of your car, you can always consider replacing the bulbs with something more efficient. 

This is why LED bulbs can be a better option for an F-150 truck. 

There are a number of advantages that comes with replacing your interior lights with LED lights.

Here are a few things you should know before replacing your interior lights:

  • LED lights increase the battery and fuel efficiency of the car, as compared to traditional lights. They take up 10% of the fuel, which makes them last longer and work better for your car in the long run. 
  • LED lights are long-lasting bulbs, so when you are replacing the whole system, you are making an investment in your car. These bulbs also come with a long-term warranty which can be used if there is some kind of damage early on. 
  • LED interior lights are more incandescent. If you have been looking for a better lighting option in-cabin lights, you should definitely consider LED lights. They are more soothing to your eyes, and you can use them over a long period of time without hurting your eyes. 
  • There are a number of options that you can select for LED lights – strips, tubes and bulbs. These are easier to install and repair and take up much less power.

How To Replace Interior Lights?

If you are installing new interior lights in your car by yourself, it is not too much of a hassle. 

For LED lights, it only takes a few simple steps to replace your previous lights and install the new lights in your car. 

Here are the main steps you should know when you are replacing the lights in your car:

  1. Start by removing the old interior lights. The bulbs have to be unscrewed individually, but make sure to check the user manual to remove the bulbs safely.
  2. If you are replacing the old lights with LED lights, you will usually have a kit that you can use to replace the set properly. 
  3. Start by attaching the lights to the old sockets, or if you use LED strips or tubes, use the adhesive that comes with the lights. 

Once the lights are set and wired properly, you can use the switch to turn on the lights. If they are installed properly, they can also start working automatically with the car door. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my interior lights turn on when I open the door?

Most cars have an automated system where the lights turn on when the car’s door is opened. If it is not turning on, the issue can be with the light switch malfunctioning. 
There is also the ajar lighting that will not turn on in case of a wiring issue in the car.

Which fuse is for interior lights?

The fuse of the interior lights, referred to as the IOD fuse, is installed in the #51 cavity of the IPM of the car. 
This fuse is responsible for the control of the map lights, courtesy light, instrument cluster, dome lights and underhood light.

How do you turn off the cabin lights in a Ford F-150?

For the Ford F-150 cabin lights, there is a toggle switch that controls the cargo and cabin lights. 
The switch is often found next to the dome light switch, which operates the main lighting of the car. 
In case your interior cabin lights are not working when you are opening the door, you should try the cabin light switch.

Will interior lights turn on for the battery?

The interior lights of your car require less amount of power than the main ignition. This is why the interior lights can turn on even with a dead or almost dead battery. 
But the lights require a certain amount of power from the battery, lack of which will not let you turn the lights on.


There have been a few issues with the Ford F-150 cabin lights for various reasons. 

Wiring issues, blown fuses or lack of power, knowing what the problem is can help you take the next step to fix it. 

But the problem can be sorted with the occasional check-up and regular maintenance of your car. 

Thank you for reading!

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