Why Wont My Fog Lights Turn Off? 3 Reasons Why This Happens

Why wont my fog lights turn off? This is a complaint that we have heard too often. There could be many reasons, including electrical problems and damage in the relay. Learn all about them.

When you are driving on a low-brightness road or on a very misty morning, the fog lamps or fog lights in your car become your savior. 

But sometimes, a problem can come up when you are using these lights, and you may not be able to turn them off. Why does this happen?

In today’s article, let us find out why fog lights do not turn off sometimes and what can be done about it.

Why Wont My Fog Lights Turn Off

Symptoms Of A Fog Light Problem

When it comes to your car, the first thing you need to do is look out for early symptoms of the problem. 

Any minor changes in your car could be a sign of trouble in the internal working of your car. So make sure you know what you should look out for. 

When there is a problem with the fog light of your car, you should look for the following signs to know if there is a problem.

Sounds from the relay

You will be able to hear loud, clicking noise from the instrument panel or once you have turned off the fog light switch. 

This indicates that there is some kind of issue going on with the relay of your fog light, and it should be checked out. 

Most of the time, you can hear this sound after you have pressed any of the light switches on – the headlight switch or the fog light switch alike. 

Lights not turning on

When you are trying to turn on the fog lights, and they just won’t turn on after multiple attempts, you should know that there is an internal problem. 

It could be a problem of dead batteries or a damaged relay, which you must pinpoint. 

If the power is disabled between the lights and controls or the light itself is faulty, these fog lights will not work in times of emergency. 

Fog lights not turning off

If your fog lights are not turning off, even after you have killed the engine and turned off the headlight switch, there might be an issue with your lights and the light system. 

If the fog lights are left on for too long, they will drain the battery completely and shorten the lifespan of the lightbulbs as well. 

Once you know what symptoms to look for, it will be easier for you to proceed with the repair process. 

But before that, it is essential that you know what is causing the main problem in your system. 

Why Are The Fog Lights Not Turning Off?

There are a few things that can be responsible for the fog lights of your car not turning off. 

Some of these are related to the batteries, and others are internal circuit problems in your car. Either way, figuring out the actual problem can help you find a solution.

Here are a few reasons for your fog light problems that you should know about:

A short in the power supply

When there is a wiring problem or a short in the power supply in your car’s fog lights, you will be able to notice problems with the fog lights. 

It can be difficult to get to the bottom of the complicated wiring system of a car, which is why it is important to consult a mechanic if you see the fog light problem persisting. 

Using a wiring diagram can be one thing you can do to see where the problem is. 

Damage in the fog light relay

One of the main causes of trouble in the fog lights is because of the damage to the fog light relay.

When a relay is damaged, there will be a connection problem between any two units. 

A damaged relay can therefore result in constant clicking sounds when trying to turn off the fog lights. 

This is a sign of an internal short in the relay that results in the lights staying stuck on or off. 

A battery problem

The problem with any appliance in your car can be traced back to the car’s battery. Usually, if there is a problem with the battery voltage, it can affect the working of the fog lights. 

If the lights are not turning off, it can result in a dead battery which will further cause a lot of trouble for your car. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my fog lights stuck on?

A problem with the fog light relay is one of the main reasons your car’s fog lights are stuck on. 
If the light relay is short internally, it will not be able to connect the lights to the operating switch. Any kind of wiring issue can also result in this problem.

How do you turn off fog lights?

The fog light button can be found on the dashboard, which also doubles as a headlight switch. 
To switch these lights off, press the fog light button and turn off the headlights. Make sure that the high-beam headlights are off when you are switching off the fog lights.

Can leaving fog lights on drain your battery?

Leaving the fog lights on can definitely drain the battery and reduce its lifespan. 
Fog lights require a lot of power, and leaving them on for an extended period of time will slowly draw charge from the battery. 
This is especially true if you’re running your car’s sound system or other electrical equipment while the fog lights are on; this will place a heavy strain on the battery, leading to eventual draining. 
To prevent unnecessary battery drain, it is important to turn off your fog lights immediately after use and ensure that all other electrical equipment is turned off when not in use.

Are fog lights supposed to stay on?

Fog lights are meant to be used only as supplementary lighting and should not be left on all the time. 
Rain and fog disrupt a driver’s visibility, making fog lights helpful for navigating choppy terrain. 
However, in sunny or normal driving conditions, leaving fog lights on produces too much light for the road conditions and can actually reduce visibility even further by overwhelming other drivers with your bright headlights. 
The best practice is to turn off your fog lights in these situations unless necessary to increase visibility.

How do I know if my fog light switch is bad?

If you suspect that your fog light switch is bad, the best way to diagnose it is by using a multimeter. 
Set the multimeter to measure resistance, and then place one of its leads on the switch’s terminal while the other lead is grounded. 
If there is no change in resistance when you press the switch, this could indicate that there is an issue with the switch. 
Additionally, if your fog lights don’t turn on when you push the switch, this could also be an indication that it’s broken or malfunctioning.

Where is the fog light relay?

The fog light relay is part of the fog lamp circuit and can be found in the engine compartment near the battery or fuse box. 
The relay typically has three wires leading to it, two connected to the power source and one wire to either a switch or other component. 
It is important to ensure that the fog lights are wired correctly, therefor replacing the relay, if necessary, should always be done with caution and according to manufacturer instructions.

Is it illegal to have your fog lights on with no fog?

No, it is not illegal to have fog lights on within a considerable height and range. 
However, it is recommended to use the fog lights only in low visibility as they can be a problem for other drivers when the weather conditions are normal.

Can you drive with fog lights on at night?

Yes, you can drive with fog lights on at night, but it is not recommended. 
This does not have any additional advantage for you or the other drivers and can actually cause more difficulty in driving at night. Fog lights are only appropriate in low-visibility settings.


Fog lights might be referred to as supplementary lights, but they are crucial when driving in bad weather conditions. 

This makes it important to have these lights in working condition and not stuck on or off. So make sure you are getting the fog lights checked on your last car maintenance. 

Thank you for reading, and drive carefully!

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