Are Magnetic Phone Mounts Safe?

Magnetic phone mounts are the in-thing these days, everyone seems to have one on their dashboards. But are magnetic phone mounts safe? Let us see whether they can cause any damage to your phone or not.

Nowadays, everyone travels on their bike or car with their phones in their hand or near them. This is because the modern phone has significant control over our lives. People often face many difficulties while traveling on their bikes and cars as they cannot use their phones. 

It is ideal for a person to get a phone mount installed on their vehicle for such cases. A magnetic phone mount is also suitable for such cars as it holds the phone tightly and does not let it slip. Still, many people are skeptical about whether magnetic phone mounts are safe. In my opinion, these phone mounts are safe for use. We will discuss these phone mounts in detail in this article. 

Are Magnetic Phone Mounts Safe

Are Magnetic Phone Mounts Safe For iPhones?

Yes, magnetic mounts are safe for iPhones as these mounts rarely interfere with any mobile phone process. The magnets of the magnetic mount are not very strong. They do not impact the functioning of your phone, rather they make it easy for you to view the phone while driving.

It is often written on the phone’s instructions, “don’t take or put your phone near a strong magnet.” Powerful magnets can have some minor effects on the brightness or autofocus of the phone. Weaker magnets such as the magnet used in the magnetic phone do not affect the phone and are safe. 

The insides of the mobile phone are designed to be safe even when exposed to a magnet. The magnetic mounts will not damage the interior of your iPhone. There can be some damage to the phone’s exterior if you are using a metal phone case. There can be some visible wear and tear or scratches visible on the phone.


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Will Magnetic Phone Mounts Erase My Photos?

Yes, if you wonder whether your contacts, photos, videos, or mail are in danger from a magnet, that is not the case. The magnetic phone mount does not affect the memory of the phone. 

This is because modern cell phones have storage clips for storing memory. Earlier phones used hard drives for storing memory. 

A compass is the most vulnerable component of your phone when it comes to magnets. Strong magnets can confuse the compass and might mislead you while searching for a direction. 

There are still quite a few smartphones and apps that rely on the phone’s compass. Your navigation and maps might not work correctly due to a magnetic phone mount. 

Can A Magnetic Phone Mount Affect The Speakers Of The Phone? 

The majority of the speakers in the phones have small magnets inside them. These smaller magnets do not interfere with the surroundings of your phone. Although these magnets are permanently active, they are kept stable to not affect the speaker or any other phone components. 

The magnet from a magnetic phone mount will not affect this permanent magnetic field of your phone. That magnet will have to be very strong and close to the cellphone to disturb this endless magnetic field. 

The working of a magnetic phone mount is not very complicated. The majority of these phone mounts work in two parts. Either you can stick metal parts or plates on your iPhone. These plates have magnets in them. 

Why Do I Need A Magnetic Phone Mount?

The hands-free feature on the phone with the magnetic mount is excellent for talkative people. With the phone mount, you can just talk through the phone without actually having it. If you are a person attending many calls in a day, then a magnetic phone mount is ideal for you as you might be quickly tired of constantly holding your phone to your ears. 

You can use the maps and comfortably navigate your phone with a magnetic phone mount. The magnetic phone mount will provide you with a safe and secure spot to view your phone’s screen. If you use the voice-to-text feature regularly, this is also an excellent option. 

Are Magnetic Phone Mounts Safe

Is There A Connection Between Magnetic Phone Mounts And Phone Signals? 

No, there is no direct connection between magnetic phone mounts and phone signals. Mobile phones operate similarly to walkie-talkies. 

The significant difference between them and a phone is that it can work on two different frequencies. Due to this, we can hear and speak at the same time. Tiny magnets and magnetic fields cannot affect such stronger waves. 

How to Use A Magnetic Phone Mount

You will get these metal plates and your magnetic mount as they are included in the deal. If you don’t want to use metal plates on your phone as you feel they might ruin the aesthetics of your phone, then you have another option. 

The next option is to use an entire metal case instead of getting metal plates. It is much more hassle-free to use a metal case than metal plates. 

An ideal metal case can improve the look of your phone rather than ruin it. The metal case for your magnetic phone mount also does not interfere with the phone’s charging and wireless charging features. With the metal case, you can remove it when you don’t need it or when you need to charge your phone. But a similar thing is not possible with metal plates on the phone. 

Metal plates are likely to leave glue or adhesive residue on your phone, whereas the metal case would not do anything. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Do magnetic phone holders affect GPS? 

No, a magnetic phone mount will not affect the GPS on your phone. GPS tracking applications or maps are dependent on satellite signals. They don’t work with the North and South positioning like a compass. 


The GPS triangulates the user’s path through satellite images or signals and then displays it on your screen. 

#2. Is it OK to have a magnetic phone case?

Yes, it is OK to have a magnetic phone case. These magnetic phone mounts keep your phone safe while you are driving. You also can use the phone for talking, calling, or navigation.

The warnings or instructions on magnets on your phones are for powerful magnets. But a weak magnet like the phone case magnet will not damage or affect your phone. 

Are Magnetic Phone Mounts Safe

#3. Do magnet phone holders drain the battery?

This is a widespread belief that if you keep a magnet near your phone, that magnet will drain your battery. This is not entirely true. Most mobile phones nowadays are not at all affected by ordinary household magnets. 

If the phone is in the presence of a very strong magnet, then it can drain slightly faster. This is because the phone’s battery starts working harder and faster in the presence of a strong magnet. 

If you want to know how big or strong the magnet is, you will need to drain your phone’s battery. A horseshoe magnet is not even enough to drain your phone’s battery. 

A Few Final Words

The primary disturbance that you might feel while using a magnetic phone mount your phone is that your compass might not work correctly. It can easily get affected by the presence of another magnet. 

When you remove your phone from the magnetic mount, your compass will return to its original calibration. There is no permanent damage to the compass in most cases. If you opt to use a metal case, your phone will be even safer from this magnetic radiation. 

Thank you for reading, we hope this answers all your questions.

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