Where Is The Converter On My 5th Wheel?

I am looking for the power convertor on my 5-wheeler, where is the converter on my 5th wheel? We will tell you where to look for it and what to do if it isn’t there.

The converter on your 5th wheel is located in its power center. The power center of your 5th wheel is in the fuse panel, which contains all the other electrical components along with the circuit breakers. You are most likely to find the electrical compartment or fuse panel in one of the exterior compartments on your 5th wheel.

A power converter is a necessity for your 5th wheel as it is responsible for charging the batteries. A converter is responsible for transferring signals and voltages, like changing the power from DC to AC and vice versa. 

You will need a converter to charge the batteries on your 5th wheel by altering the power to the required voltage from the RV plugged into an electric power source.

Since the power converter task is to charge batteries, it is also possible to find the converter near the batteries. Let us take a look at what a power converter is, why it is necessary, and where to find it in your 5th wheel. 


Where Is The Converter On My 5th Wheel


How To Find The Power Converter On Your 5th Wheel

To find the power converter on your 5th wheel, you must know what it looks like. Since a power converter’s primary purpose is to charge the batteries, you are likely to find them near the batteries on your 5th wheel. 

But that is not the case every time. It is also possible that your 5th wheel doesn’t even have a power converter pre-installed in it. In such a case, you would need to install the power converter on your own.

Faulty convertor

If you are having trouble with the electric system inside your 5th wheel that gets its power from the battery, a faulty converter might be the issue. In such a scenario, it is essential that you locate the power converter first.


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Near the batteries

The first location to look for a power converter would be near the batteries, as it will most likely be connected to the main wires that come out of the batteries. If you are unable to locate the power converter there, you can try other places. 

Inside the living space of the 5th wheel

Sometimes a power converter is in the form of a stand-alone box which you are more likely to find inside the living space of your 5th wheel. 

Fuse panel

Other times, a power converter is integrated into the breaker box or the fuse panel of the 5th wheel. If so, then also you are more likely to find the converter inside the living space of your 5th wheel. 

The fuse panel, which contains all the electric components of your 5th wheel, may also be in an exterior compartment on your 5th wheel.

What To Do In Case You Are Unable To Find The Power Converter In Your 5th Wheel?

If you are unable to find the power converter on your 5th wheel even after an extensive search at all possible locations, it is likely that your 5th wheel does not come with a power converter. 

In such a situation, it is vital to get the power converter installed on your own. Even if you plan to use the 5th wheel connected with shore power, all the jacks, lights, and fans work on the 12-volt system in your 5th wheel. 

The 12-volt system runs on the battery, which charges through the converter, which converts the shore power of 120 volts to 12 volts. 

Without a power converter, you won’t be able to charge the battery in your 5th wheel, and its charge will deplete even when connected to the shore power. If you find that the internal lights, fans, and vents are not working correctly, then it is likely that there is an issue with the converter.


Where Is The Converter On My 5th Wheel


How To Tell If The Converter On Your 5th Wheel Has Gone Bad?

If the 12-volt system on your 5th wheel doesn’t work, it can be due to some fault in the power converter. If the interior lights, vents, and the cooling fan of your 5th wheel are not working correctly, the converter can be an issue. 

But do not worry, it is quite easy to replace a faulty converter. There are a few ways to tell if the converter on your 5th wheel has gone bad. 

If the lights on your dashboard or the outside of the 5th wheel are flickering or dimming, then it can also be due to faulty converters. The last and one of the main symptoms of a converter gone bad would be if the batteries in your 5th wheel can not hold a charge or charge altogether.

Cost Of A Power Converter For A 5th Wheel

Whether you are looking to install a new power converter in your 5th wheel or looking to replace the faulty one, the cost is not going to be cheap. 

The cost for a power converter for a 5th wheel starts from around $500. The price may seem like a lot to some people, but since the power converter is an essential part of your 5th wheel, the investment is worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Find My RV Converter? 

Since the primary function a power converter serves is to charge the batteries, the chances are high that it will be near the batteries. However, you can not be sure. The location of an RV converter can be anywhere on your RV, which makes it difficult to find sometimes. The main wires coming out of the batteries connect to the converter, so if you can not find the converter, try following where the wires lead you.

Where Is The Inverter Located On A Fifth Wheel? 

The inverter on a fifth wheel will be located near the battery in a well-ventilated compartment. However, if you can not find the inverter on your fifth wheel, then there is a possibility that your fifth wheel might not have an inverter, and you need to install it on your own. 

You can find an inverter connected to a line connected to the battery, passing through the breaker and ending at the main panel. Since an inverter is directly opposite to a converter, you better not install the inverter and converter in the same line.

Alternatively, you can find the inverter in locations that supply just AC power. 


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Does My Travel Trailer Have A Converter?

Even though a power converter is one of the essential components in a travel trailer, if you want to charge the batteries responsible for heat and lights in your travel trailer, most of the travel trailers don’t have a power converter. If you want to have a power converter, you need to get it yourself. A power converter will cost somewhere around $100 to $200. 

A Few Final Words

When people face troubles while trying to charge the batteries on their fifth wheel, they tend to look for the converter. The converter is responsible for charging the batteries when the fifth wheel is connected to an electric power source, and that is why the most common place to find a converter is near the batteries. 

If you can not find the power converter near the batteries, it is possible that it is in the power center, which contains all the other electrical components and the circuit breakers. 


Thank you for reading, we hope you got your answer.

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