What Size 5th Wheel Hitch Do I Need?

If you are towing a 5th wheel you need to make sure that the hitch is perfect. You need to know things like what size 5th wheel hitch do I need?, and how can I choose the perfect 5th wheel hitch. This article will give you those answers.

Hitches can prove to be of utmost importance when you are looking to help someone or tow something heavy with your car. Hitches are a standard tool attached to the backs of most vehicles. 

Although you may not always need them, they can still come in handy in your day-to-day life. We will be discussing more hitches and answering questions like what size 5th wheel hitch I need or how big a 5th wheel can I pull.


What Size 5th Wheel Hitch Do I Need


What Is a 5th Wheel Hitch?

A 5th wheel hitch is a device mounted on the back of a semi-truck or vehicle, and you can connect it to loads of other cars with the help of a trailer, cable, or rack. 

Hitches are a ubiquitous car tool found in North America, and the 5th Wheel Hitch is an adapted and better-looking model of the two ball hitch used in the earlier models of cars and trucks.

A 5th Wheel Hitch is most commonly found in semi-trucks or tow trucks and comes in handy and gives a better look to your car. Tow trucks are a popular choice of vehicles in the United States and neighboring countries. 

Most cars come with a hitch, and in most cases, it can be a ball hitch or hook Hitch. In instances of tow trucks, 5th Wheel Hitch and the Gooseneck Hitch are the most famous names. 

5th Wheel Hitch also provides a more stable and comfortable towing, a significant advantage in terrain areas with lousy roads.

Types of 5th Wheel Hitches

A 5th wheel hitch is a generalized term for a wide range of hinges mounted on the back of a car and used to pull a fifth wheel. The difference in the categories of a fifth wheel hinge depends upon the mechanism it uses to pull a load or the type of connection it establishes with the pack.

Depending upon its installation and moveability, the fifth wheel hinge can be divided into two categories: fixed fifth wheel hinge and sliding fifth wheel hinge. 

A sliding hinge is more popular and used in the case of a small bed vehicle. Some other popular types of hinges are:

Sliding Hitch

Sliding Bar Hitches are one of the most common types of Hitch, and it is placed on a rail mounted on the bed of your truck. The sliding can be noisy but can prove to be very helpful while taking turns and provide you with the necessary torque and space. 

Double Jaw Hitches

The Double Jaw Hitch got its name from the pair of jaws attached to its top that tightly holds the king or knob. It is safer to use and provides you with the necessary force and stability while towing.


What Size 5th Wheel Hitch Do I Need


Single Jaw Hitches

This type of Hitch is the most popular variety of 5th wheel hinges as they are not only quietest but also provide you with the most stable and comfortable towing.

Gooseneck Hitches

A gooseneck hitch is sometimes categorized differently than the 5th wheel hinges, but it can also be put into the category of a 5th wheel hinge. It is used for the 5th wheel with a gooseneck adapter installed. 

Gooseneck hitches take lesser space compared to the usual 5th wheel hinges, and they are flatter compared to the standard 5th wheel hinges, which let them consume lesser space and lesser weight while attached to your vehicle. 

It can pull or tow much more weight than the standard fifth wheel hinge or the bumper pull.

How Do I Choose a Fifth Wheel Hitch?

Most of the tow trucks or semi-trucks already come with a hitching system attached to them. You can also get a 5th Wheel Hitch attached to your tow truck in case it already doesn’t have a Hitch attached to it. 

Hitches come in a wide range of sizes and models, and you need to find one that not only helps you with your work but also keeps your vehicle safe. The 5th Wheel Hitches are heavy, and it is necessary that we choose a size that doesn’t harm the build of our vehicle. 

There are a lot of factors that determine the size of the 5th wheel hitch that you need to install in your truck, and let’s take a look at some of the most prominent of those factors:

Determine the type of Hitch

Two trucks or semi-trucks usually come in standard two-bed length, namely an eight feet bed or a 5.5 feet bed width. With the shorter vehicles, you need a Hitch with a longer rope or a sliding fifth wheel hitch that can give you enough space on turning. 

With a longer truck bed, you can attach a fixed fifth wheel hitch without any worries, as it will provide you with sufficient space to make a turn with a load connected behind. 


What Size 5th Wheel Hitch Do I Need


Determine the suitable mounting platform and the hinge required:

Both the mounting platform and the hinges come in a removable or non-removable format, and you can determine the one you require depending upon your need. 

If you need to frequently load your tow truck and need sufficient space in the back, then having a removable pair of the hinge can prove to be very helpful. The 5th Wheel hinges cover a lot of space, so until you are sure you want to get it permanently mounted on your car, you can get a removable pair of the mounting platform and fifth wheel hinge.


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How Do I Know What Size 5th Wheel Hitch I Need?

The size of the 5th wheel hitch is an essential factor that you need to consider while getting one for your vehicle. The size of the 5th wheel hinge determines the load it can tow or the space it takes on your vehicle. If you are wondering what size of 5th wheel hitch you need, you can consider the factors given below.

Determine the Maximum that can be towed by your car

Determining the upper limit of the towing ability of your car is one of the essential details that you need to know while making a purchase of a 5th Wheel Hitch. The size of the Hitch directly depends upon the load that needs to be towed. 

The larger 5th Wheel hitches are much heavier than the smaller ones. You can get a rough idea of the maximum weight that can be towed through the gross weight of your vehicle. You can also know its towing limit from its manufacturer or seller. 

Measure the suitable weight of the Hitch needed:

If you have a tow truck, you can quickly learn about the supported hinges from the manufacturer or get them installed directly while purchasing. Generally, it is advised to choose a hinge that is 20 percent of the weight of your vehicle.


What Size 5th Wheel Hitch Do I Need


How Big a 5th Wheel Can I Pull?

The size of the 5th wheel that you can pull directly depends upon the gross weight of your vehicle. The Gross weight is the total of the car’s total weight plus the total weight that payload weight that it can carry. 

You can find the total weight or the gross weight in the detail section of your vehicle. The gross weight varies from vehicle to vehicle depending on their model and the installed parts.

In general, it is safe to tow lower than 1800 lbs of weight, but in some towing trucks, you can go beyond that limit and tow weight up to the weight of 30,000 lbs. You can check the maximum weight that your vehicle can pull by subtracting the weight of the empty vehicle from its total gross weight. 

The remaining weight that you get will also include the load of the material inside the fifth wheel. So, you also need to put the weight on the material and person the 5th wheel will be carrying. Towing a fifth wheel beyond the safe limit can cause fatal accidents, so it is better to keep the weight of the fifth wheel as low as possible. 

Do I Need a Slider Hitch for a 6–9 Bed?

Having a slider hitch gives you more flexibility when taking turns. In the case of a shorter bed, if you have a fixed hinge, then there is a high chance that you may not get enough torque while taking a turn, or your fifth wheel may even hit your vehicle. 

A sliding hinge becomes a necessity in the case of beds of miniature size like 5 feet, but it won’t be as necessary in the case of a 6-9 feet bed.

A sliding 5th wheel hitch on a 6-9 feet bed will surely give you an advantage over a fixed hinge system. You can get easier turns and smoother towing with a sliding hinge. Purchasing either of them depends upon the availability and your budget. 

The sliding hinge can be a little costlier than the fixed hinge due to the additional parts like a sliding platform or rail and additional installation charges. 

A Few Final Words

Getting the right size of the 5th wheel hitch is very important because it determines how much weight you can tow, and whether the towed vehicle will sway during movement. We hope the article above will give you the information you need to select the right 5th wheel hitch that you need for your situation. Thank you for reading.

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