Truck Bed Doesn’t Line up With Cab: Quick Fixes to Solve the Problem

The alignment of your truck bed with the cab happens to be a key determinant of the vehicle’s performance, handling, and fuel economy.

Misaligned truck beds can cause various issues, ranging from low fuel mileage and difficulties in hooking up trailer hitches to incorrect braking response and suspension damage.

Addressing this problem timely and effectively is vital for maintaining the overall health and performance of your truck.

One common issue that can cause this misalignment is worn-out or damaged rear cab mounts. Replacing or repairing these mounts can help resolve the issue and restore your truck bed to its proper position.

Checking the alignment of your truck bed and cab regularly can save you from potential problems down the line.

It is essential to keep an eye on this, especially after heavy usage and off-roading adventures. This ensures that your truck remains in top functional condition.

Truck Bed Doesn't Line up With Cab


Signs of Misalignment Between The Truck Bed And Cab

Here are some of the common signs of misalignment between your truck bed and cab.

Difficulties in closing the tailgate

Misalignment can cause difficulties in closing the tailgate smoothly or aligning it properly with the bed.

If you notice resistance or misalignment when trying to close the tailgate, it may be an indication of a misaligned truck bed and cab.

Unusual noise or vibration

Another sign to watch out for is unusual noise or vibration coming from the bed or cab while driving. If you experience rattling or vibrating sensations that are out of the ordinary, it could be a result of misalignment.

These vibrations indicate that the components are not aligned correctly and may require adjustment.

Abnormal handling behavior

If the truck displays abnormal handling behavior, such as pulling to one side or exhibiting unstable steering, it could be a result of misalignment between the bed and cab.

Misalignment can affect the overall stability and handling of the vehicle, leading to compromised driving performance.

Common Issues Causing Misalignment Between Truck Bed and Cab

Here are five common issues that lead to misaligned truck bed and cab.

Accidents and Previous Damage

Truck beds may not line up with the cab if the vehicle has been involved in an accident or has sustained damage in the past.

A wrecked or bent frame can cause misalignment issues, making it essential to review the Carfax report when purchasing a used truck.

Rust and Corrosion

Rust and corrosion can also lead to misalignment between a truck’s bed and cab. Over time, rust can weaken and compromise the structural integrity of the cab mounts and other components.

Keep an eye out for rust on your truck and consider appropriate rust prevention measures, such as regular washing and waxing.

Faulty Mounts and Installation

Sometimes, a misaligned truck bed can be attributed to faulty or improperly installed mounts. Cab mounts play a crucial role in connecting the bed to the frame.

So, incorrect installation or damaged mounts may cause this misalignment. Inspect the condition of your cab mounts periodically and replace them if necessary.

Wear and Tear of Mount Components

Cab mounts play a critical role in connecting the truck bed to the frame and ensuring alignment. However, over time, the components of the mounts can experience wear and tear.

This can lead to misalignment between the bed and cab, causing handling issues, reduced fuel efficiency, and potential damage to other suspension components.

Age and Fatigue of Mounting Materials

The materials used in the cab mounts, such as rubber or polyurethane, can deteriorate over time due to age and fatigue.

Factors like exposure to harsh weather conditions, UV rays, and regular usage can contribute to the aging and fatigue of these materials.

As they degrade, the mounts may lose their ability to maintain proper alignment. You need to restore them to ensure alignment and ensure optimal performance.

Truck Bed Doesn't Line up With Cab


The Process Of Aligning Truck Bed and Cab

Taking Initial Measurements

Start by measuring the gaps between the truck bed and cab. Use a measuring tape to check the distance on both driver and passenger sides. Take note of any differences in the gap size or misalignment.

Adjusting the Mounts

If the issue is still present, loosen the body mounts beneath the cab or bed. This will help adjust the alignment. You might need to replace worn or damaged parts, such as knuckles, rotors, or tie rods.

Ensuring Proper Alignment

Finally, tighten the body mounts and check the alignment again. Make sure the bed and cab are sitting flush and are in line with each other. Repeat the process if necessary until the alignment issue is resolved.

Additional Considerations To Fix The Issue

Body Lifts and Spacers

Truck bed misalignment is a common problem which can be caused by a variety of factors, including issues with the truck frame or mounting bolts. One option to fix this issue is using body lifts and spacers.

Body lifts can help adjust the height and leveling of the bed to the cab, while spacers or washers can be used to properly align the bed with the cab, by placing them between the bed and the frame.

Paint and Cosmetic Fixes

Another aspect to consider when your truck bed doesn’t line up with the cab is the potential for paint and cosmetic issues. For example, if a truck bed is misaligned, it may also result in misaligned paint lines or a color mismatch from the cab to the bed.

This can be a concern for customers who want their truck to look visually appealing. In such cases, paint touch-ups or even a full repaint may be necessary to restore the truck’s appearance.

Choosing to Live with the Misalignment

In some cases, you may choose to live with the misalignment if it doesn’t pose a significant functional or aesthetic issue.

For instance, minor misalignment between the bed and cab on models like the F150 or F250 may not be easily noticeable and may not impact the overall functionality of the truck.

As the buyer, it’s up to you to decide whether or not the misalignment is a deal-breaker. However, make sure to inspect other areas of the truck for underlying issues that may contribute to the bed misalignment.

Truck Bed Doesn't Line up With Cab


When To Seek Professional Help?

Sometimes, visiting the dealership happens to be the only option to fix truck bed alignment issues.

Dealerships have expert technicians who work with specific vehicle models and are equipped to handle alignment problems. They may even offer warranty coverage for such issues, saving you from out-of-pocket expenses.

Other options remain checking out your insurance cover, warranty, or hiring a mechanic.


Addressing the misalignment between the truck bed and cab is crucial for maintaining the performance, handling, and overall health of your vehicle. Once you identify the common causes, you can resolve the issue effectively.

Regular inspection and timely action will help keep your truck in optimal condition, ensuring a smoother driving experience and avoiding potential damages.

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