Where Are GoodYear Marathon Tires Made?

Goodyear tires are one of the most reputed tire companies all over the World. But where are Goodyear Marathon tires made, is it in the US or outside? Let us find out in the article below.

Tires help maintain the stability of your vehicle. in fact, they are the only contact surface of your car with the road. So, you should prioritize the maintenance and quality of the tire. There are many brands of tires available on the market. 

But Goodyear marathon tires have outstanding features which enable you to run long distances and short distances without any problem. Moreover, it manufactures special tires for winter conditions, increasing the stopping power in snowy areas. They are even durable, i.e., the tire will last for 3-5 years. After five years, you can replace the trailer tires even if the tread depth remains on the tire.

So where are GoodYear marathon tires made? The GoodYear marathon tires are made in China with two tires, i.e., 215/75R14 and 205/75R15, which are from Canada and New Zealand. The article discusses GoodYear tires in detail. So, keep on reading the article for more information.


Where Are GoodYear Marathon Tires Made


What Are Goodyear Tires?

The Goodyear tires are manufactured by the Goodyear tire & rubber company. It is a multinational company that Frank Seiberling founded in 1898.

The company manufactures tires for cars, SUVS, lightweight trucks, motorcycles, airplanes, and race cars.

The name of the company came from the name Charles Goodyear, the inventor of vulcanized rubber. Goodyear tires can be easily detached and need little maintenance, which is why they became exceedingly popular.


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Where Are GoodYear Tires Made?

It is one of the first tire manufacturers globally to enter China. It opened a manufacturing plant in 1994 in Dalian.

Goodyear makes most of its products in Akron, Ohio, and the USA. Minor factories also exist in India, Venezuela, Turkey, and Malaysia.

Where Are GoodYear Marathon Tires Mades?

In all likelihood, these are made in China. There are two models: 205/75R15, and 215/75R14 which might be made in other countries, but chances are that the tire you have in your car would have been made in China.

What Are The Most Common Goodyear Tires?

#1. Goodyear Endurance American Made Trailer Tire

  • These tires are built in the USA.
  • The scuff guard help in extended tread life.
  • Increased tread depth to keep the tires cool.
  • Durawall technology protects the sidewalls from cuts or punctures.
  • Inner fabric structure consists of steel which supports a high weight capacity
  • The tire’s height allows a lifted truck to reduce the drop distance between hitch and trailer.
  • Operate at low temperature when properly inflated.
  • This tire can be used for boat construction purposes.
  • Speed rating – 87mph

#2. Goodyear Assurance All-Season

  • With long treadwear, you can use this tire in wet, dry, and snowy conditions.
  • It has wide tread grooves, which help evacuate water and enhance wet traction.
  • Optimized tread patterns reduce road noise.

#3. Goodyear Marathon Radial Trailer Tire

  • The Goodyear Marathon can be used in travel trailers, car haulers, boat trailers,  horse trailers, etc.
  • The sizes are available from 13 to 16 inches.
  • There are two belts made of steel that go inside the tire along with plies made of nylon cap on the selected model, which will add longevity.
  • The tire’s body is made from polyester cord and special construction in a radial design enhances performance on the road.  


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#4. Goodyear Eagle Ultra Grip GW-2

  • It is a winter performance tire that offers traction in slippery conditions.
  • The multidirectional traction blades provide traction on snow. It even enhances the side grip.
  • It has special tread block geometry, offering outstanding traction and quick braking.

#5. Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT

  • It is an innovative winter tire that enhances traction in winter conditions.

The center zone has two-dimensional steel blades, increasing stopping power on snow and ice.

  • The shoulder zone has 3D tread lock technology blades, which increase wet and winter traction.
  • The directional tread pattern helps in channeling water.

#6. Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 ROF

  • A high-performance summer tire that can precisely handle wet and dry conditions.
  • It runs on flat technology, which allows driving up to 50 mi on a deflated tire at a top speed of 50 mph.
  • The grip-boosting tread compound increases road adhesion.


Where Are GoodYear Marathon Tires Made


#7. Goodyear Assurance Finesse

  • The tread pattern in the tire will provide you with a comfortable and quiet ride
  • The efficient fuel-saving tread compound will offer grip on wet, snow, and icy roads.
  • It consists of a specially formulated rubber compound that offers low rolling resistance.
  • The price of this tire starts at $119

#8. Goodyear Assurance Weather Ready

  • The asymmetrical tread pattern and sweeping traction grooves will help evacuate water and deliver outstanding wet traction.
  • The soybean oil in the tread compound helps the tire’s tread to stay grip on the road, especially in cold weather.

#9. Goodyear Wrangler AT

  • The large tread blocks in the tire provide a stable footprint
  • The tire tread design help to provide traction in numerous conditions.

#10.Goodyear Wrangler Dura Trac

  • The tire has tractive groove technology, which offers increased traction in deep mud and snow.
  • It has a rim protector which protects the wheels from accidental curb damage.
  • The bold tread design of this tire is suitable for truck towing and hauling.
  • The price is affordable, i.e., it starts at $220.

#11.Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor

  • The tire has an extra layer called Dupont Kevlar, increasing the toughness and soaking the road noise.
  • Accidental curb damage is avoided using the special rim protector in this wheel.
  • The Durawall technology help in resisting cuts and punctures on the sidewalls of the tire.
  • It will cost you $315.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Are marathon tires made in the USA?

No, most of the marathon tires are made in China. However, GoodYear endurance tire is the improved trailer tire made in the United States. It has a rugged sidewall that can resist cuts, tears, and punctures.

#2. Are any Goodyear tires made in China?

Goodyear tires are one of the renowned tire companies all over the globe. This company employs more than 66,000 people and manufactures products in 22 countries all over the World.

It was the first tire manufacturer in the World to open its manufacturing plant in China(Dalian) in 1994. It moved its production to a new Pulandian factory in 2012, and in 2015 it opened a new China development center on the Pulandian campus to enhance the quality of tires.

#3. Is Goodyear endurance made in China?

The Goodyear Endurance trailer tires are made in the USA.

#4. What tires are considered China bombs?

A blown tire will cause massive damage to your recreational vehicle, and you may even meet with an accident.

A china bomb tire is a special tire that can carry heavy loads. These tires usually have a 65mph speed rating, but high-quality special tires may have 80mph. If your RV has china bomb tires, then keep an eye on the speed.



A Few Final words

Tires are a vital component of your car. So you should always use good quality tires for your vehicle to maintain stability on the road.

You can prefer to buy Goodyear tires both online and offline. The tread pattern in these tires will enable you to drive a smooth and comfortable ride. You can feel confident driving in Goodyear tires even in harsh weather conditions.

So, if you are looking for a new set of tires for your car, then don’t forget to think about Goodyear tires. We thank you for reading this article and hope you like it.

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