Where Are Power King Tires Made?

Everyone wants the best for their car, and ever since China bombs, buyers are wary of Made in China tires. So, where are Power King Tires made? Should you rely on these tires for your trailer? Let’s find out.

The Power King tires are not made in the states; instead are made in China. 

Customers of Power King often complain that the manufacture of the tires is not up to the mark and their trailer tires have a history of tire failures. The online forums are filled with negative reviews about the brand and blaming the place of the factory as the reason behind the tires’ poor quality. 

Let’s clarify some facts to know whom to blame for the blowouts of Power King Tires and how they can improve their tires?

Where Are Power King Tires Made

Who Are Power King Tires

TBC brands are one of the biggest private label tire distributors in North America. TBC brands own Power King Tires. It is manufactured in China, but the tires are made in accordance with the needs of those who drive on modern-day roads. Power King has a range of tires for both the highway driver and the city rider. The tires are marketed as inexpensive yet durable.

The features of Power King extra traction tires include self-cleaning lugs, a zero skid tread, and a superb all-terrain grip.


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Power King Tires Customer Review

Power King Tires receive a significant amount of negative reviews on the internet. 

Here are a few complaints faced by their consumers:

  • The belt separated from the tire in a short time and with light usage. 
  • Multiple and frequent blowouts, whose repair cost adds up to their original price range, which is more than or equal to 37 US dollars. 
  • The Tread is not of good quality and separates within a year. 
  • The firewall is not well affixed or supported. It fails within a short time After installation.

There are some positive reviews in the forums as well. But they tend to get lost in a pool of negative ones. To conclude, your user luck could help you make a Power King tire last long enough.

Where Are Power King Tires Made

How Are Power King Tires Made?

Tire-making is a multi-step process that needs quality checking at each step. 

Your trailer tire-making company must know how to maintain the quality of the tires in a pocket-friendly price range. It would help if you never compromised on the quality of the tires while buying trailing tires. You would need to spend way more than you save on repairing tires at a low price. 

There are many tires in the market which could not take the pressure of the Trailer and the roads, resulting in frequent blowouts. These chins made tires are humorously known as “China Bombs.”

Anti-Rust Properties

The first step should be assembling the required raw materials for making tires: steel, rubber, textiles, and chemicals needed for creating a tire. Before starting the procedure, The manufacturer should check the quality materials. 

Steel being the crucial material of all needs good features like anti-rust properties. Good Quality steel contributes to ensuring a long life of the tire as it makes the tire’s structure.

External Components

After quality checking of the raw materials, crucial parts of the tire should be made: tire tread, cords, beads, inner wall, etc. These tiny components are essential for providing strength to the Trailer and establishing stability and durability of the tires. Thus, the quality of these components and whether they are optimally performing is again checked and tested before passing to the next step for building the tire.

Bulk Manufacturing

The building of a tire step is done in factory machines in bulk. You can break the entire process into two main stages: one is assembling the main components, and the next is vulcanization of the raw rubber of the tire. 

Where Are Power King Tires Made


Vulcanization is how your tire obtains its final shape and size, and it also ensures a tire’s flexibility and elasticity. 

Quality Check

At last, these tires are again checked for quality before launching into the market. 

The manufacturer should check the quality of the products through various testing methods and evaluate their price accordingly. Low-quality protection can highly damage the tire in less time, and small factors like these affect the quality of the tire. Quality checking is thus the most crucial point in the whole business.


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Who Makes The Best Tires?

It would be best to keep the factors while choosing a tire for your traveling trailer. You need to check the speed it gives, the weight of the tires, their size, and the pressure and friction they can handle. Several American companies manufacture and sell a variety of trailer tires. The most reliable brands that have a negligible rate of tire failures are listed below:


Carlisle is an experienced tire-making company that has been in the business for decades. They have developed various high-performing tires and tire products in an affordable price range.

Their radial trailer HD model is the latest and most popular model listed on their site. It provides excellent grip and smooth trailing on the road and ensures minor wear on the tire. 


One of the best options for trailer tires is your Trailer Maxxis M8008 radial trailer tire which has many better features than its competitors. 

Maxxis has been in the business for over 50 years and provides tires for various vehicles, from bicycles to SUVs and Trailers. They have their Manufacturing unit across Asia that make tires that receive almost no complaint.

Trailer King

Trailer King is a comparatively young company that is over a decade old. 

In a short span of 10 years, they have become one of the significant suppliers of trailer tires. They have their manufacturing factories in the US itself. 

Thus the US drivers blindly rely on Trailer King for their tires. The best and latest trailer tire product of Trailer king is ST Radial II. It provides better grip and brilliant traction and can withstand heavy load hauling. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Who makes the Power King tire?

TBC brand makes the Power King tires. Although Power King is a USA-based tire-making company, they have manufacturing units in China. 

In simple words, factories in China make Power King tires which are then shipped to the states. Many customers believe this to be the reason behind their tire blowouts.

#2. Are Trailer King tires made in China?

No, Trailer King tires are not made in China. Infact, Trailer King and Goodyear are the only two American tire brands that have their manufacturing factories in the USA itself. 

Therefore, Americans tend to rely on these companies more than any other companies that manufacture their products in foreign countries.

Where Are Power King Tires Made

#3. Are Trailer King tires made in the USA?

Yes, Trailer King tires are made in the USA, and trailer king is a reliable brand that provides optimal quality trailer tires in affordable ranges. 

#4. What are RV tires made in the USA?

The only reliable RV tire manufacturer in the USA is Goodyear. Their Goodyear Endurance tire is popular in the states. The Goodyear Marathon is another great product that they have. Trailer King and Goodyear manufacture trailer tires in the USA.


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A Few Final Words

There are so many internet reviews that suggest Power King tires are of poor quality and are not worth a try. The thoughts come from real-time users who have suffered from the Power King tires. 

These tires are often categorized under “china bombs,” known for frequent blowouts and tire failures. Moreover, Power King has its manufacturing unit in China, making it less reliable. 

On the other hand, Maxxis has factories across Asia, including China, but manages to provide good quality products to the customer. Thus, it is evident that the problem is not the place of manufacture but the business setup that affects the quality of the products.

Thank you for reading, we hope we were able to help you make a decision about your next set of trailer tires. If you need further information, do drop us a word in the comments.

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