Where Are Trailer King Tires Made?

Trailer tire buyers are wary of cheap quality tires because blowouts are quite common in Chinese-made products. Where are Trailer King tires made? is a common question among them. Let’s answer it here.

Trailer King is one of the few American tire experts who manufacture their tires in the U.S. and not in other foreign countries. 

Trailer King does not compromise on its quality to increase the profit margin and is thus ranked among top tire-making companies such as Carlisle and Maxxis. 

They provide a variety of options for Trailer tires. It would be best if you first analyze your needs and choose accordingly. Each tire has lasting life, and the secret is construction. 

Let’s jump into facts about Trailer King and details of their tire-making process.


Where Are Trailer King Tires Made


Who Makes Trailer King Tires?

Trailer King Tires provide a high standard of safety, reliability, and comfort. Like its name, it is the king of modern trailers. Trailer Kings are made and distributed by the same manufacturer who makes many other trailer tire brands: TBC Brands. 

TBC Brands is a giant in the tire manufacturing industry. Their products are mainly sold in the US, Mexico, and Canada. Talking about the good qualities, it performs very well in all seasons and road conditions. 

The vast majority of people who purchase agree that their tread remains in good shape for an extended time. They are affordable and of high quality. Their latest model, the S.T. radial, has various new features updated for the new generation. 

Many features such as an RST stand are added to the tire as a differentiator from other brands, making the tire more beneficial to the trailer owners.


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Where are Trailer King Tires Made?

Trailer Kings are made in the USA. Their tires are in the same size and weight categories as Goodyear Marathons.

How Are Trailer King Tires Made?

The tire-making process is a complex and multi-step process. After each of these steps, quality is thoroughly checked to prevent any case of tire failures.


The first step is to assemble all the raw materials, followed by their quality check. Raw materials such as steel, natural rubber, textiles, and chemicals should be good enough to sustain the heavy loads of the Trailer. 


The next step is to make the tire components such as tread, belt, beads, etc. The company performs various tests to verify the quality of the parts and their capacity. 

Then these compounds are joined together to give structure to your trailer tire. 


Vulcanization is the last step of the tire-making process, which gives your trailer tire a definite shape, flexibility, and elasticity. A molding machine makes Patterns for grip and branding. 

The next part of the story is the most crucial. The Tires need to be tested and checked before putting them into the market for sale. 

Where Are Trailer King Tires Made

What Makes A Tire Long-Lasting?

The perfect construction of a trailer king tire contributes to its long life. 

  • The construction of a trailer tire needs good quality raw materials. For example, the frame needs steel with a protective layer to prevent rusting. Rubber that can absorb heat and friction without changing its shape and form. 
  • The goal is to make the components such as tread and belt strong enough to withstand maximum possible stress as the pieces are responsible for the tire’s durability and stability.
  • Low-grade synthetic rubbers can reduce the tire’s life and often result in punctures. These rubbers are sensitive, which means they can tolerate a limited amount of pressure. They are not suitable for trailer tires as trailers need to travel on rugged roads, and heavy loading is involved in a trailer’s life.
  • A good quality natural rubber and proper vulcanization go a long way in keeping your tire intact for years. 
  • Components of the tire, such as tread, should be of good quality. A tiny faulty element can cause a tire to fail. 
  • The components need to be appropriately affixed. For instance, belt separation is a pretty common issue for trailer tires. 


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Pros and Cons of Trailer King Tires

Trailer King ST radial trailer tire is the latest and one of the company’s best products. Trailer king tires are among the top companies that specialize in tire making. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of the tires are listed below:


  • The Center grove contributes to good traction of the tire. The tire provides better traction; that is, the tire grips well on the road and allows smooth movement of the Trailer. The feature also allows the trailer tire to survive the challenging terrains during the journey. 
  • The tread is of high quality. Thus the tires are durable.
  • The tire can withstand a significant amount of load. Many of their competitor’s tires fail due to heavy loading, whereas S.T. radial is stable and can bore further strain.
  • The tires are capped with a nylon layer to prevent corrosion in the tire.
  • The tires are available at an affordable range across various sites. 


  • The construction is well crafted and is made to handle any stress a trailer might need to withstand. Yet, there are several complaints registered about trailer tire failures.


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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Are Trailer King tires made in the U.S.A.?

Yes, Trailer King tires are one of the few tires making companies that manufacture their products in the U.S.A. 

#2. Which R.V. trailer tires are made in the U.S.A.?

All varieties of R.V. trailer tires are made in the U.S.A. They have a manufacturing unit in the states that have put them above their competitors who have factories in foreign countries, such as Maxxis. The population of the U.S.A. tends to rely more on Trailer King tires.

Where Are Trailer King Tires Made

#3. Who makes the Power King tire?

Power King Tires is a decades-old tire-making company, owned by TBC brands. They manufacture all their tires, including trailer tires, from their factories in China. Having a factory in China may have reduced the tire price, but it has lost its reputation. 

#4. What does RST stand for on trailer king tires?

The R.S.T. stand is found in S.T. radial tire, Trailer King’s latest production. The rst stand is for modern-day trailers and their applications. 


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A Few Final Words

It’s better if you never preferred cheap, poor, quality tires over expensive ones that provide optimal tires that last long. Poor quality tires, often known as “China bombs,” frequently blow out even after spending hundreds of dollars repairing them. 

Trailer King is as far away from China as possible and makes their tires in the States. Customers often find trailer king more reliable than any foreign-made American tires brand. 

Thank you for reading the article, we hope we have helped you make up your mind regarding purchasing your next set of trailer tires. If you have more questions about Trailer King or any other brand of trailer tires, do write to us in the comments section below.

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